A way-too-big furry story that's sorta naughty and not even about boxing!

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Boxer Beats is a big long furry story that usually has art posted alongside the writing.

The story is focused on Nikki, a tanuki who is caught in a "Groundhog Day" situation, where the Boxer Beats competition resets back to the beginning after the competition ends. To stop the competition from resetting, Nikki must help over 20 of their friends win and be happy - but accomplishing both isn't easy!

No actual boxing?
Boxer Beats avoids plain boxing and comes up with a unique gimmick for each battle. At least, when the hosts do their job. They designed the competition this way so that they could ogle cute fighters without feeling bad when they get hurt. (No shame if you like pain though!)

You can read each boxer's chapter in any order. 
(Each collected chapter, not any page in any order. For example, Lesbuni's chapter can be read first or last, and the current boxer's story can be read while skipping the story introduction!) You can use the Archive page to decide.
Of course, the story is best read in its natural order, but it was written this way knowing how long the project is. Some readers may want to start reading when a character they like appears (Gaydar...) without reading everything else to know what's going on. You don't need backstory on the characters, everything needed will be provided, and everyone gets re-introduced as if it's your first time reading. (They may not be the same exact person in each reset, after all.) There are always bonuses for people who know the series in detail, but it's perfectly fine to read one character's full story and nothing else, if you wish.

Is this adult?
Good question! I don't know. It's too adult for some, and not horny enough for others. If you want to see butts, but don't want to read sex stories, that's more our middle ground. I don't have it marked as an adult series since we keep it pretty tasteful, but as a general rule for safety, no person of any age should be reading any of this ever.

* A secret note about the Do-Gooders: Oof. Has your own work ever become outdated as you're posting it? The Do-Gooders was a group of heroes made by myself with art friends back in... 2008? They were included in my 2009 comics, and Boxer Beats started in 2010. They were heavily involved in both series, which were turned into a written story in 2017? Everything has been so set and done, but as of 2020, any police themes have been toned down and minimized as much as possible. The Do-Gooders are a variety of heroes, including medical staff and magicians, but the police themes are very apparent and the stories do revolve around some officers as well as jail settings. For my own comfort and others, I hope everyone can keep in mind that the fictional setting of Our Planet tries to be very unlike the also-fictional Planet Arth, and neither wish to be as awful as Planet Earth, which does not really exist in this world. I would hope my fictional beings treat each other correctly without bias. (Why make a fictional world as bad as the real world? Mine aspires to be a better place.) Despite Our Planet's Do-Gooders being very separate and unlike our earthly reality, once Boxer Beats is over, you can bet Oxnard won't feel comfortable being chief of police anymore. 

Boxer Beats is maybe one of the longer furry stories online - in length, anyway! The story only started posting online July 27th, 2019. but the comics, Boxer Briefs, were first posted 10+ years ago on December 6th, 2010 before being transitioned into a flash visual novel, and now currently a written story. It would be nice to have it posted regularly, like weekly, but that does not seem to be the case.

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