A way-too-big furry story that's sorta naughty and not even about boxing!

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The music beats here came from donations on FurAffinity around 2011.
A group of music artists offered their beats to be used in the Boxer Beats flash projects. Songs and credits are below!

Full beats from the donation project are posted on Youtube
(Including ones that didn't make it to the final comics)

"48" by OccamFox
"8-Bit" by Safer
"A Zebra's Stripes" by DizzyFoxx
"Boss Fight" by Hixbi.Fox
"Chime" by MichiaElvelian
"Death By Cheese" by ZenFetcher
"Dream Clouds" by X-Factor
"Electro Injecto" by X-Factor
"Enigma" by X-Factor
"Entranced Spirits" by MichiaElvelian
"Excursion With Turnovers" by BaddWill
"Flames of Joy" by FurryDragonDude
"Fight Theme" by Shadomew
"Finest Hour" by LunaireticOmega
"Game Stuff" by Safer
"Get Down" by Ultramarine
"Happy Dino Butt" by Nishi
"I'm Gone" by Ping D. Rose
"Ivory's Dark Side" by Ultramarine
"Lost Temple" by FurryDragonDude
"Motion of Life" by MichiaElvelian
"Nasty Zombies" by FiyahLigerRawr
"One Beat" by Buck
"Our Memories" by Ryashi
"Ready's Theme" by Nishi
"Second Place Rhythm" by Nishi
"Slow Wish" by Nishi
"Stronghold" by Sotis


Extras Credit:
(These extra beats probably didn't end up in the flash, but they're included in the YouTube playlist.)

"Clash of Emotion" by Ultramarine
"Crazy Breakbeat" by X-Factor
"Final Round" by DonRatta
"Gay Bar" by FurryDragonDude
"Goodbye Kiwi" by Nishi
"Hyper Tension" by ZizixMP3
"INCOMING!!" by Nishi
"Jungle Trek" by FurryDragonDude
"Let's Go!" by FurryDragonDude
"Seeing Spirits" by Nishi
"Smoky Fields" by FurryDragonDude
"Stop Go" by ChibiKnight
"Techno Tentacles" by TheBlackParrot
"To The End" by Nishi
"Tokyo Sunset" by Yagami Foxclaw
"What's Right" by Nishi
"Wicked Intentions" by Yagami Foxclaw