A way-too-big furry story that's sorta naughty and not even about boxing!

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Boxer Beats Flash Comics:

1: Peek into those boxers! 2: Lies And A Prize! 3: Ready The Red Panda

Side Games:

Note: Flash is sorta outdated, it probably doesn't work on most phones. To make these work, best luck is on a computer, and uh, making sure that computer can run flash in browsers.

Boxer Beats Visual Novel

Snow Rabbit Reiku created a visual novel where you can visit characters in the Boxer Beats competition, talk to them, and take them out on dates. It's had multiple updates, adding new characters and additional scenes. It's a demo with partial routes with a link below that can be used on PC, Mac, and Linux computers:

Dropbox Download Link

Inspired by the departed Miiverse, the button on the top right of the page is for Hammyverse! I thought it would be fun to let folks draw comments and weird things on here, so the audience could participate and leave their own mark like in the stories here. The closest option my buddy Bosky and I could figure out was setting up an Oekaki board! 
(Thank you to Bosky & Williammalone!)

The Quick & The Angry
 The characters in Boxer Beats have a long history together! You don't need to know it to enjoy the story, but it probably makes it neater. Below are the files for the printed book version, which connected everything, edited some pieces, and sure pixellated some art that wasn't meant to be book-sized. BUT please be aware, this was made years ago, and already has outdated humor and things I would not joke about anymore, so if you see something stupid, my apologies! Dropbox link is down below:

Dropbox Download Link