A way-too-big furry story that's sorta naughty and not even about boxing!

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Round 7

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Round 7
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“Like mother, like son! Up next is Goatella’s kiddo in a tag-team match of their own. They’re teamed up with a sad blue cat named... Blue.” Oxnard’s voice drifted off into disappointment. “What are people naming their kids these days?”
“Some of the names are pretty hilarious.” Bushy Beaver chuckled, eyeing the names of their opponents.
Sotelo hopped up onto the boxing ring. The floor was covered in ice! The teenage goat made an effort to keep his balance while his quiet kitty teammate held onto the ropes from outside. Sotelo’s energetic, goofy behavior contrasted his somber partner’s peaceful aura.
“Shotelo and Blue reshently changed their team’sh name!” Bushy grinned proudly, catching the update. “They are now called, ‘Team: Don’t Shleep With My Mom.’ ”
The camera focused in on a very pouty looking goat with blushy cheeks. Now the crowd knew he was upset about everyone finding his mom attractive.
Oxnard reassured him, “Oh, Sotelo, don’t be so upset. Someone had to sleep with your mom for you to even be born.” The goat boy was steaming. “Anyway, back to the action. Up against Sotelo and Blue is someone we were all happy to meet... the hero that saved us from the spider this morning! Give it up for Chris and Kiwi of Teeeeeeam Arthbound~!”
The room darkened, and lights focused in on center stage where the fat gray cat walked in alongside their dalmatian gal pal.
Everyone cheered and praised the team! Nobody wanted to deal with that scary spider earlier, and for one day, everyone would be eternally grateful. But only until tomorrow. Forever. The pair held hands and calmly waved as they approached the ice ring.
“So, for whoever hasn’t noticed yet, some boxing matches are singles matches, and some are tag-team matches.” Oxnard explained, “We do ‘em both here! And in the end, the top two tag-teams will fight the top four singles boxers. Teams won’t matter, and a final battle with eight boxers will end with one winner.”
Chris and Kiwi gazed at each other. They knew that in the end they might be each other’s opponents. But they weren’t worried. Chris didn’t think they would make it that far, and Kiwi didn’t care about boxing. She was only there to support Chris, and knew that if the two of them made it to the end, she would help Chris win.
Enough of that - it was time for a fight, on ice!
Kiwi knew Chris was nervous, so she stepped into the ring with Sotelo. Dog versus goat! These two were quite peppy compared to their quiet cat partners. The first thing Sotelo did when the match started was fall on his face. That ice was slippery! The audience couldn’t help but laugh, except for his over-protective mother. Sotelo was still heated from everyone finding her so gosh-darn hot! He ran and ran on the ice, but wasn’t getting anywhere. Meanwhile, Kiwi had fun sliding around on the ice. She loved to ice skate, and even if she didn’t have skates, she could still float around on her little puppy paw pads.
Sotelo was annoyed, trying to keep his eye on her. When Kiwi was behind him, she’d simply whack the back of his head. And when he tried to throw a punch, he’d slip and fall. What was next seemed very pathetic. He rolled onto his back, kicking his legs in the air, waiting for Kiwi to come by and slide right into his attack. However, she maneuvered herself behind him, lifted a leg, and stepped her foot on his belly. For a moment, he looked up at her - but closed his eyes politely when he saw she was wearing a skirt. Kiwi simply used her foot to slide Sotelo’s body out of the ring, and when he opened his eyes, he was on the ground!
“Your turn, Blue,” Sotelo moaned.
The blue cat slowly blinked, and miserably crawled through the ropes. The idea of ropes made Blue feel sad - ropes made everyone climb and bend and struggle just to enter the ring. Life was already hard enough, wasn’t it? And once they were in the ring, the ice made Blue feel sad. Their bare paws were cold underneath them. It was like the cold embrace of death. Sure, you could wear shoes. But then you had to buy shoes. It’s like life was set up so that in order to be happy, you needed money for everything. And if existence was so depressing, why bother to keep buying stuff to try and make it better? The thought alone was exhausting. Blue couldn’t fight like this.
However, Blue’s chilly aura made Kiwi feel weird. Blue was serious, and silent - and it wasn’t clear what gender they were either! They reminded her of Chris. And Kiwi couldn’t hurt Chris. So she offered to switch with her teammate.
Chris stepped in the ice ring, and stared at Blue. Blue stared back at Chris. Was it intense or boring? No one’s awake enough to ever know. Or well, okay, Kiwi was awake. And she saw nothing was happening! These two cats were oddly just... looking at one another. Was it some weird unspoken cat-to-cat communication?
Kiwi reached out and grabbed Chris’s butt. Just a nice, firm pull. She held onto Chris’s statuesque body, and slid her teammate across the ice, bumping one cat into the other. The slide knocked Blue down.
Now Blue’s whole body was cold. It was laying against the ice. Their modest orange t-shirt and baggy red pants weren’t enough to keep their body warm. And sure, Blue could stand up, but then it would make their paws cold, and they’d probably fall again. Blue thought about how Sotelo fell down too. Everyone fell on ice. It was their depressing destiny. There wasn’t anything you could do about it. Everything was hopeless.
“Alrighty. So uh, a one, a two, a thuree...” A giant sweating beaver in a referee shirt counted Blue out of the match. “Aaaan’ there we have it! Looks like the ol’ cat an’ doggy duo won this one! H’yuck.” The big country-accented beaver and his big wobbly belly waddled on over to Kiwi, pulling her and Chris up together to declare them as the winners.
Oxnard’s voice echoed through the stadium, “They did it! Chris and Kiwi, Team Arthbound, won their first match. Ice-ee them as a very promising team. Congratulations, you two.”
Kiwi wiggled happily in Sweaty Beaver’s arms. Chris calmly smirked, looking out at the crowd as they cheered for them. Chris didn’t react a whole lot, but they were starting to feel warm inside. Despite being so quiet, they were very nervous about today! But between the spider stuff, and winning the fight with their friend, things weren’t so bad.
Chris looked over to Kiwi and purred, “Thank you.”
Hearing Chris’s appreciation made Kiwi light up with pride. She figured she’d be the most useless part of their team, but when Chris froze up all day, Kiwi was right there to support them. She realized that there was a reason to be at Boxer Beats. She might not be a good fighter, but she could help by being Chris’s friend.
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Team Arthbound

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