A way-too-big furry story that's sorta naughty and not even about boxing!

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Round 10

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Round 10
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Anger Mouse may have felt alone, watching everyone around him talk to new friends. Even his closest friend, Don Badge, found someone that he seemed to treasure more. But while Anger’s eyes were on Don, someone else’s eyes were on him.
Those eyes were behind the mask of a partially-female tanuki, named Nikki. She was short, round, and orange, but cloaked in apple green. She kept a close eye on Anger Mouse’s butt. She could tell there was something strange going on there. And now that he was alone, she could see him herself. She approached quietly.
“Anger Mouse...” she eyed his chubby mouse body up and down, “Are you pregnant?”
“WHAT!?” A loud mouth mouse reacted, “I’M NOT PREGNANT, LADY. ARE YOU A PREGNANCY LADY, LADY?”
The shady lady smirked, “Not exactly, but I’m asking you. Is there something strange going on with your... body?” She knew something was off, but that’s not the kind of question anyone wants to be asked.
“UH, NO. MY BODY IS REALLY... NORMAL.” The all-caps rat responded. He was getting very defensive about his weird body. The guard watching him quietly kept an eye on the two.
“Let’s see what happens when I do this...” Nikki reached back into her fluffy tail and pulled out a golden wand. It had a flat, circular shape at the top, and she pressed it right against the mouse-rat’s tummy. Anger Mouse suddenly felt his belly inflate, but it stopped after a minute. Now he really did look pregnant.
“WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY STOMACH!?” Anger Mouse suddenly felt like he was carrying something heavy inside of himself. Since he’s a plush doll, it would normally just be fluff, but this fluff grew and expanded, it was starting to weigh him down.
“Hey, you can’t just do that!” Anger Mouse’s guard stood up, finally starting to do their job. Everyone that had gathered to hang out started to look at Anger Mouse.
“It’s alright, don’t freak out...” Nikki nervously replied, seeing everyone look at her like she’d just attacked the little guy. “There was already something inside of you, Anger Mouse. All I did was wake it up.”
“WAKE IT UP? WAKE WHAT UP?” The mouse hopped to his feet in a panic.
“I don’t know. But someone, either accidentally or intentionally, is in your fluffy plushy stuff. Don’t you want to find out who?” Nikki curiously asked.
“I WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE. LET’S GO.” Anger Mouse took the hand of his guard like a little kid and stomped off.
The guard called out to another, “Can you get that tanuki’s information?” Everyone stopped and watched silently. It was a really awkward situation, but Nikki calmly handled all the guard’s questions. As Anger Mouse left, Don Badge left as well, saying goodbye to the gathering.
“What did happen?” Don questioned his friend with concern.
“I DON’T KNOW... BUT I MIGHT BE PREGNANT.” Anger Mouse pat his tummy. What the fluff was going on inside there?
Nikki would have to wait a whole night to see the results of Anger Mouse’s belly situation. If something wakes up, and it feels stuck in his body, it’s going to try and get out! Thankfully, Nikki wouldn’t have to be there to watch since the mouse would be in jail over night. Or so she hoped.

Round 10

The next day at Boxer Beats, everyone wore bright, innocent smiles as they walked into the stadium. You could hear birds chirping in the most majestic-
Anger Mouse stomped in from the entrance, his police guard trying to keep up.
“I WOULD POLITELY LIKE TO KNOW WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO MY BODY.” The upset mouse looked nothing like he did the other day. The eight year old grew as tall as an adult, and quite obese too. His new fat gut and moobs wobbled about with each step - catching plenty of eyes. His body was covered in rips and openings he tried to sew shut over night, and the hideous stitches on his face were hard to look at.
“Oh, darn it.” Nikki huffed from her seat in the audience. Anger Mouse grew larger over night but whatever was inside him didn’t leave. “Looks like I need to be the one to make this happen.”
The little tanuki walked on down the aisle of the audience, shaking the golden wand in their hand to catch Anger Mouse’s attention. And it worked! The mouse’s guard held him back as Nikki approached.
“Come on, Anger Mouse. You’re mad at me, so why don’t we have a battle?” Nikki smiled calmly, but the smile made Anger smile less. And him frowning less made Nikki smile more! And when Nikki smiled more, the guard smiled less, because it made Anger smile less, which made her smile more. “Wow, you’re really letting me waste your time here, aren’t you?”
Anger Mouse didn’t know what she meant, but they both climbed up on stage. However, that caught the attention of the announcer!
“Hey! What are you two doing in the ring? That’s not your opponent, Angela.” Oxnard chuckled to himself.
“That’sh not hish name, Oxsh. It’sh ANGEL MOUSHE.” The bushy co-host got into a fit of giggles. Anger Mouse was very unhappy with everyone teasing him. He was anything but an angel! He was the meanest, most badass eight year old the world has ever not known (because he’s not very popular.) However, that did not mean the unpopular, ugly-looking rat kid was without feelings.
Suddenly, a fuzzy, fatherly paw pat on Anger’s shoulder.
“There, there.” It was Don Badge! He knew Anger Mouse was starting to feel sad. He’d already had one heck of a night, growing up, getting stitches, worrying about being a boy that would give birth. It was a lot for his little plush brains to handle. Sometimes Don was like a father to Anger since he’s so much older. He was also one of Anger’s only friends.
“STOP TOUCHING ME, I HATE YOU.” Do you see why?
The announcer came back, “Look, Bushy and I are having a little situation up here. Can you guys just do what you’re supposed to?”
“What’sh the big deal, Oxshnard? You don’t wear pantsh either!” Bushy complained. “He keepsh shaying I have to go home and put clothesh on, but I’m covered in sho much fur, you can’t shee anything. He’sh never shaid anything about it before.”
“Actually, I wear fur pants.” Oxnard stood up, and pulled the fur under his belly outward. It looked like he pulled open a pair of fuzzy pants - and inside was more of his vanilla fur. “So it looks like I’m pantless, but I’m not.”
“Okay. But shee, I have shome underpantsh right here, and when I put them on - make shure you get thish on the camera.” Bushy lifted her legs, and pulled a pair of yellow underwear to her hips. “Sho now I have on the underpantsh and-”
Oxnard interrupted, “Bushy! You’re at work in your underwear! That’s VERY inappropriate!”
“SHEE WHAT I MEAN!?” Bushy screamed into the microphone. “It’sh totally unfair. I can’t win.”
Oxnard folded his arms, looking to the camera. “No. NO. I’m being reasonable. I’m asking her not to be naked at work, and not to come here in only her underpants. That’s totally normal!”
“How about thish, bossh?” Bushy gave an evil grin. Oxnard turned around and saw her wearing a big yellow bow tie under her neck. Oxnard looked down at his pink suit and red bow tie. Then, he looked at Bushy’s bow tie. Bushy looked at Oxnard’s bow tie. The camera looked at Bushy looking at Oxnard’s bow tie. Oxnard looked at the camera and-
“INCOMING!!” The hamster leaped into the air and crashed on top of Bushy. “There’s only room for one bow tie in this booth and you know it!”
“I’m wearing clothesh, Oxshnard! I can’t be naked at work, I haaaave to wear thish!” Bushy laughed and kicked her legs as Oxnard started to spank her. “Hey! Shtop shpanking me!” Bushy then proceeded to spank Oxnard. The two were having a spanking battle over bow ties for the first time ever in history.
Meanwhile, someone else was about to get a spanking in the boxing ring.
“Hey, referee.” Nikki looked over to the big beaver, who was ready to kick them out of the ring. “Wanna look up my name in the roster? I’m a registered boxer in the tournament...” she smiled over to Anger Mouse, “I just haven’t attended any of my matches.” The referee frowned, but sure enough, they were okay to fight!
“If uh, this is what everyone wants’ta do... alrighty then.” The large, sweating beaver shrugged and stepped back, “Whadda ‘bout yer teammate?”
Nikki looked down at Anger Mouse’s growing belly. “Let’s say my teammate is the thing living inside you, Anger.” Anger gulped, and charged right towards Nikki. “And the theme for this battle... is all about the belly~” That fit quite well, since Anger Mouse used his new, giant size to try and belly flop right on top of the tiny orange tanuki! His new size made him a lot slower, so it wasn’t a very big threat.
“Let’s go.” Nikki commanded, as she used her wand to slap his big, jiggly belly. Dodging his attacks, she’d whap his stomach more. “Come on out! I know someone’s in there!” Anger Mouse began to panic, and kept focusing all his attention on flattening his opponent before anything or anyone came out of him.
“STOP IT. DON’T ENCOURAGE THEM.” The mean mouse started to look worried, “I DON’T WANT TO DIE.”
Nikki stopped, and looked right up at Anger Mouse. “I heard all about you, Anger Mouse. You’re a plush doll. If you burst open, you’ll be sewn back together. This isn’t even the first time it’s happened to you.” It was true, but...
“IT’LL STILL HURT ME.” Anger’s voice started to shake with fear, “I DON’T LIKE PAIN UNLESS I’M THE ONE GIVING IT.”
That’s what Nikki must have looked like here, but she wasn’t the kind that liked hurting others. She was a good tanuki! Or so she liked to think. However, Anger Mouse’s stomach started to shake. It was too late. It was happening.
Someone up in the booths shut off the cameras, this was looking bad.
A white bandage across Anger’s purple tummy broke open and flew right off. From inside his stomach came out a long, yellow, snake-like creature with the face of a dog. It flew up into the air, circling above the boxing ring.
“Woah...” Nikki looked up in awe - the way it was floating above them up there, she thought this was a spirit! It seemed more likely that all this time, there was some type of ghost living inside Anger Mouse that finally woke up. The ghost dog looked at Nikki with its red eyes before flying down, face-to-face with her.
“Bark bark.” The dog spirit slurped Nikki’s face, “Thank you. For finding me.”
“You’re welcome. No spirit deserves to be trapped! Let’s go somewhere private...” Nikki whispered to the dog, looking around the stadium. Everyone’s eyes were on her. She wrapped her arms around the dog, and pointed them towards the exit, where they could find an area to talk away from the shocked audience.
As they flew away, Anger Mouse was... still around. Since the spirit had left his plush body, he wasn’t as full of plush anymore! There was a large opening where the dog flew out, and Don Badge climbed up on stage to help him out.
“WHAT DID I SAY, DON? DON’T TOUCH ME.” Anger screamed, some of the cotton inside his plush body had come out when the spirit was released, Don was simply collecting it and stuffing it back in.
“Hush. Anger Mouse. Daddy Don will. Fill you up.”
The referee watched the pair fix Anger Mouse back up again. He looked to where Nikki and the dog spirit left. He didn’t quite know what to do.
“So uh... it looked lahk those other guys won... but they all left an’ um...” the big, chubby beaver scratched his head. “And this lul’ critter sure as heck lost...” he looked up to the announcer booth, hoping the two would eventually look down and make a call. “Let’s say that didn’t count! It was jus’a biiiiiiig ole waste’a tahm! Now how’s that sound? Y’all happy?”
Most of the audience booed at the anti-climactic results, but some cheered because it sounded like he was asking how happy they were. It was a weird situation.
“What can ah do ta fix it?” Sweaty looked to the crowd, nervously holding his paws over his belly. “Ah dunno what ta do!”
The crowd started chanting, “Shirt! Shirt! Shirt! Shirt!”
The big country beaver gulped. “Shirt? Y-y’all want mah shirt?”
“Shirt! Shirt! Shirt! Shirt!”
He nervously gripped the bottom of his shirt, slowly lifting it up, “Lah... lahk this?” The crowd roared with pleasure. “Ah... o-okay... here it goes!” Sweaty clenched his eyes shut, ready to appease the crowd by going topless.
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