A way-too-big furry story that's sorta naughty and not even about boxing!

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Anger Mouse's Final Battle

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Anger Mouse's Final Battle
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Final Round

It was the final day! The end of everything.

Boxers stripped off their boxers and snugged their tugs in tight, cramped briefs.

“Iiiiis everyone ready? This is it, the big day. And we have a big finale planned!” Oxnard hyped up the crowd, who all responded accordingly. “Let’s go ahead and check out our finalists! Two of our best tag teams, and four of our best single-and-looking boxers! Leeeet’s start with...”

Out from the entrance ran Don Badge and Anger Mouse. The two short, chubby, jail-bound friends made it to the finale fair and square, despite their rotten personalities. They were pleasantly surprised to hear people cheering for them!

“People are cheering. For Don. And Anger?” Don wondered.

“HA. IT’S A WEIRD FEELING, ISN’T IT, BUDDY?” Anger immediately corrected himself. “I MEAN BADGER, BADGER. NOT... THAT OTHER THING.”

The room all stopped at the sound of an explosion, followed by lightning, followed by a burning fire cackling, which was soon replaced by the sound of a storm, which included wind howling in everyone’s ears. It sounded dangerous, it sounded scary, it sounded... cool. Out from the entrance came Fuxie and Nishi - the kick ass partners of Team Dino Pubes. Fuxie was the toughest, and promised there was no way to beat her. The time had come to prove themselves.

“Ehehe, we did it, Fuxie! And now it’s everyone for themselves.” Nishi chuckled.

“Good work, kid. I was sure you’d let me down.” Fuxie growled jokingly. Nishi frowned as she ruffled her paw on top of his head.

Next up was... the unexpected, and the not-so-memorable!

“I’m back, you little punks!” The cameras zoomed in to capture a small, yellow penguin jumping excitedly to the stage. It was Little Macaroni Penguin! “I got back in the competition, and I kicked butt all the way to the end!” She started going on a rant, “Nobody expected an old birdy like me to make it through. But here I am, and I’m ready to fight your faces off!”

“Cute diapers there, grandma.” Oxnard laughed over the speakers.

Everyone took a moment to look up and see. That’s right! The old grandma penguin had on, not only a pair of gray diapers, but a baby bonnet too! The audience gave a mix of noises between confusion and laughter. She was dressed like a baby, and being both tiny and old made it a strange sight.

“I can fight in anything! Just you watch.” The old bird cawed with a scowl.

“Next up is a good friend of mine,” Oxnard started, “Cooni the raccoon!”

As Cooni entered the stadium, he blew his white emo bangs up, and the crowd could see his glowing, orange eyes. He seemed shy and awkwardly quiet before, but now he appeared to be the strong, silent type. We was confident in whatever power he used to get this far.

Cooni took in a deep breath and told everyone, “Hi.”

“Wow. Great! Well then - fighter number seven iiiiiiissssss...” Oxnard built up, “Nnnnnnot gonna be fighting!” The crowd was hit with the anticlimactic news. “Sorry folks. Turns out they weren’t actually allowed to compete. I’m not gonna name any names, but if you’re not above a certain age, you need your parent’s permission to fight. And if you can’t do that, you gotta take your boxers elsewhere.” The crowd was a little disappointed.

“But now we can present the final eighth, or technically seventh boxer, give it up for the king of all that is gay and scaly, Gaaaaaaaaydaaaaar~!”

Sirens went off, confetti blasted up in the air, a rainbow of colors flashed across the video screen as Gaydar came running in through the entrance, a clear crowd favorite. He had on a dazzling rainbow cape that flipped and flooshed through the air.

“Helllllo hello hello~! Thank you all tho much!” The big, hunky gaydar skipped along and slid up into the ring, raising his arms in the air as the crowd went nuts as heck. Everyone loved Gaydar, especially since he did his best to be humble and show that love back! ...At least whenever he got a good chance to speak out. “I’m tho happy to be here, and I’m tho exthited! I’m fighting with thome of the betht fighterth I’ve ever theen!” He pointed out to the six other boxers. “Fuxthie ith the thcarietht lady you’ll ever meet! And her teammate Nithi ith the thweetetht little thing~” Gaydar shook his hip at the two, who grumbled and giggled.

“And then there’th Don and Anger, who worked tho hard to make it into the finalth, even againtht boxtherth that cheated!” The crowd booed at the bad memory of how Anger was mistreated. “Little Macaroni got thquithed by a biggole bottom, lucky her. And Cooni had thome thuper mythteriouth powerth during hith battleth!” The penguin and raccoon both smiled - see? Gaydar really appreciated everyone. He knew that being popular meant that people would want to dislike you, so all he could do was show everyone that it never got to his head.

“That Gaydar...” Oxnard sighed with joy, “I’d bang him right now if I could.” The audience could almost all agree.

In the audience, the little tanuki Nikki was ready to watch the finale! She was actually not completely worried about the outcome. As long as one of the boxers on her friend list won (luckily every boxer in the finale was on it) she was one step closer to her goal. Anger Mouse didn’t even have to win for her to make progress. It was nearly impossible to lose!

“I hope Anger wins...” Nikki’s nervous birdy pal shivered beside her, “I know it doesn’t matter who wins this time, but I don’t want to work close to him again.”

“You sure don’t like Anger Mouse, huh?” Nikki laughed.

“Do you? He’s in jail, still a bratty kid, he yells at everyone, and he gave birth to a ghost monster that’s terrorizing you!”

“He’s not that bad.” Nikki smiled, “He can’t help but yell, nobody raised him or taught him how to act, and nobody controls what kind of kid comes out of them. He worked really hard - and outsmarted a lot of adults! How many kids his age do you think could win a boxing competition?”

Now Nikki was really hoping Anger Mouse would win.

“Is everybody ready?” Oxnard asked out loud - the boxers and audiences jumped and cheered, ready to start. “Alright, we have something special for the finale!”

The room flashed, and up above the boxing ring, everyone could see the floating dog ghost, Dawn. The audience was excited, it looked like the boxers were going to be fighting a final boss type of creature!

“They look creepy!”

“It’s clearly just a stuffed toy doll...”

Both random audience members were right! Nikki was worried seeing Dawn appear again - and more worried others could see the ghost. Not only that, but...

“Who is that!?” Oxnard squeaked in surprise, “You’re not part of the finale, Mr. Hotdog!” The seven boxers on stage all looked up at the intrusive ghost flying above them. “Do you mind leaving? Or uh...”

The dog dashed down right onto the ring, her long, noodle body following, suddenly attacking and sweeping at the seven boxers below!

“Oh my gosh. Someone’s trying to ruin the finale!” Oxnard whined in a panic, “And I’m so understaffed!”

Nikki and Thanks were already running out of their seats to stop Dawn. “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!” Thanks panicked as things were starting to get real. “How come everyone can see it!?” Nikki didn’t have an answer for her. But as the two hopped outside the ring, ready to climb in, Fuxie stopped them both.

“Hey, finalists only!” She snorted, “We got this.” The gross fox put her feet on both their faces and pushed them back before gettin’ whacked in the ring.

Nikki and Thanks got up again - they weren’t going to give up!

And neither was Gaydar, as he stuck his butt out in front of the two trying to hop in. “Thtay out! One interrupter ith bad enough.” They tried to tell him they were going to help, and tried climbing back in, but Gaydar used his special Gator Glue to keep those two in their place. They watched as Dawn fought all seven boxers at once.

“I REMEMBER YOU.” Anger Mouse yelled at Dawn.

“And I. Remember you. Anger Mouse.” Dawn growled in response.

While everyone beat up at Dawn’s backside, she loomed her snake-like body over the mouse. “The junkyard. Let’s finish it.”

Dawn used her tail end to brush all the other boxers back before dashing towards Anger Mouse. The two chased and fought each other as if they’d been enemies for an eternity.

“What’s going on, Anger? What do you know about her?” Nikki yelled out.


“Wait!” Nishi yelled out, “But... that’s me!” Nishi was the one that sewed and created Anger Mouse, which meant...

“You made me!” Dawn screeched. “After... Anger and I. Were thrown away. Waited in junkyard. For you to. Return to us.” She started panting and gasping as her rage built up, “When you came. You saw me. Picked me up. And dropped me. You... left me!”

Nishi bit his lip. “I kinda remember going to a junkyard looking for some toys I made.” He chuckled nervously, “I made so many! I really couldn’t remember which toys there were mine or someone else’s...”

“You had WAY too many toys.” Fuxie laughed, “That’s why I tossed ‘em away!”

Dawn and Anger both looked right at Fuxie. They had no idea that Fuxie was the one that threw them in the trash. “What? I went looking at the junkyard with him, and let him bring back his favorites.” It took a moment for everyone to realize - Fuxie made it so Nishi couldn’t bring back all the plushes he found. The ones he found and didn’t bring back... weren’t his favorites.

“Oh... uh oh...” Nishi and Fuxie stood together. They were both in trouble! Fuxie was the one that messed up Dawn and Anger’s lives by throwing them in the trash, and Nishi didn’t like Dawn enough to bring her back home. “I really did love all my plushies! I’m sorry! If we knew you guys were alive, we couldn’t have left you there!” It was a fair point, but it wasn’t good enough.


Nishi whined, “Aww, Messy Bunny? I would have picked her if I saw her...”

“Dude, shut up,” Fuxie elbowed him. Nishi’s comment enraged them more.

“I chased. Anger and Messy. We battled. And Anger Mouse. Tore me apart. Anger killed me.” Dawn grinned, now it was clear she was a ghost! “But I. I helped Anger. His gloves. His fingers. His boots. His feet. All came from. The dead skin. That I shed.”

“That’s so gross...” Nishi stuck out his tongue. But hey! Snake skin shedding is perfectly natural. It’s a beautiful thing.

“My remains. Lived on. In Anger’s body. Asleep. Until I...” Dawn breathed, “...Wasn’t asleep. Anymore...” Dawn’s eyes looked over to Nikki - the one that felt her spirit in Anger’s body, and woke her up on a whim.

“Gosh, I’m so sorry you two hate us, I completely understand.” Nishi frowned, “But you know, when you look all angry like that Dawn, I know why I made you!”

Dawn’s rage was put on pause, “I was made... With a reason?”

“Yeah!” Nishi grinned, “Your eyes.” Nishi pointed up at them, and then looked back to Fuxie, whose jaw dropped.

“What the hell, Nishi! I can’t believe you’d do that!” Fuxie barked in anger.

“I’m sorry! Hehe...” Nishi apologized, “Dawn, your eyes look scary, because they’re based on the scariest person I know!” He looked over to Fuxie, who normally wouldn’t, but she lifted up the eye patch covering her blind right eye and opened it for them. Her eye looked blood-red, with a white iris inside. Both Dawn’s eyes matched Fuxie’s bad eye exactly.

The more they all noticed, Dawn and Fuxie both had long snouts and sharp, scary teeth. They were both canines and had dark ears, arms, and legs too. Fuxie’s snake fur pattern matched Dawn’s snakey body. Whether they were heroines or villains was up for debate. And and and, most importantly...

“She doesn’t have a wiener.” Fuxie noticed.

“She IS a wiener, just like you, Fuxie!” Nishi poked his finger against her nose.

Dawn didn’t know what to think. She was some crude, early-age art project that Nishi tried to make to look like Fuxie. She hated Fuxie for ruining her life, but in a way, Dawn WAS Fuxie.

Anger Mouse punched at Nishi’s leg to remind him that he was still there. He was uncomfortable when things were not about him.

“FIX IT IN A FIGHT.” Anger yelled at the others. “LET’S SETTLE EVERYTHING BETWEEN US. ONCE AND FOR ALL.” With all the bad blood, Nishi, Fuxie, Dawn, and Anger were ready for it.

“What about us?” The remaining boxers asked from outside the rink. They weren’t going to let everyone ignore their spot in the finale!

“You all stayed out of the boxing ring for uh, way more than ten seconds...” The announcer’s voice casually replied over the mic. “If that wasn’t the rule, it is now.”

“But Oxnard, it wasn’t safe!” the referee argued on their behalf.

“I am so excited to see this match! Who do you think will win, folks?” Oxnard exclaimed, “Are we watching two teams? Is it everyone for themselves? Let’s find out!” The crowd cheered, and the remaining boxers slunched over in disappointment. So much for that!

Without even a countdown, Fuxie lunched at Dawn, tackling her long body. Nishi and Anger Mouse looked at them, and took note, jumping right at each other. Dawn kept trying to coil her snake-like body around Fuxie, but she kept slipping out of it. Anger kept trying to punch Nishi, but he blocked every hit.

“I made you, Anger Mouse! I know how you would fight.” Nishi smirked, “And John and Fuxie are supposed to be twins.”

“My name! Is Dawn!” The dog yelled as she and Fuxie kept trying to attack each other, and after a few minutes of vicious chasing, punching, blocking, and swipering, everyone was out of breath. It seemed like the match was too even! But then...

“You’ve been really mean to me, and by being mean to me, you were mean to Dawn and Anger too, Fuxie!” Nishi lunged at her, beating up on his fox buddy, who laughed in surprise. He held the big bully up in front of Dawn and Anger, “At least give ‘em a free shot!”

Fuxie looked back at Nishi, wide-eyed. “Uh...” And as she turned her head, Dawn and Anger both jumped at the chance. “Wait! Not both at once!”

Pow-pow! The two angry plushes quickly attacked Fuxie and knocked her down.

“I think I owe you guys one too,” Nishi spread out his arms, pushed out his belly, and looked away.

Seeing Nishi sacrifice his own tummy made them realize... nothing. They both got a good double-jab right at him with his guard down! Fuxie and Nishi, the famed Quick & The Angry, were out!

Dawn and Anger watched in surprise as the referee flew in! “One, Three, Five... theeeey’re out~!” The crowd cheered in surprise. “You did it! Anger Mouse and Dawn are-” Aro suddenly stopped - they both couldn’t be the winners. Teams didn’t matter in the finale, right?

“Actually...” Oxnard’s authoritative voice echoed through the speakers, “Dawn...”

Dawn turned her head up to the announcer’s booth, awaiting judgment.

“You weren’t one of the finalists...” Oxnard reminded everyone. “Which means,” the hamster grinned as the stadium lights dimmed - one shining, golden light focused on the center of the boxing ring. The only person lit in its presence was...

“Anger Mouse! YOU are the winner of Boxer Beats!!”

Anger’s jaw dropped. He couldn’t believe it! It... sure didn’t happen like he thought. This wasn’t even the official fight the finalists were supposed to have. He had no idea he would hear the answers to the unknown mysteries of his past, or settle his feelings of vengeance and hatred. But... that was everything he could have wanted. With this sudden turn of events, Anger had everything he needed to move forward with his life.

“WHAT? ...What?” Anger’s voice lightened up, no longer capitalized.

From the announcer’s booth, Oxnard flew down on top of Aro Usal’s back, holding a shining golden trophy for the boxing tournament. The two gracefully landed on stage as Oxnard handed the prize to the chubby purple mouse.

“Congratulations, Mousie.” Oxnard let him know in a pleasant voice, “We’re proud of you. Everyone give it up for Aaaaaanger Mouse~!” The crowd yelled and screamed, sirens went off, flat balloons and ribbons fell from the ceiling. Anger Mouse didn’t even try not to smile!

“Wow, haha. THANKS.” Anger gave a dorky little chuckle, holding the trophy.

Anger heard two pairs of friendly footsteps running up to him.

“You did it. Anger Mouse.” Don Badger grinned and lifted the tubby mouse up in a big hug.


A little pink bunny hopped behind Anger Mouse and wrapped her legs around him. She squeaked and cheered in her own silent language!

“Messy Bunny? Wuh-” Anger Mouse looked back at the raggedy plush rabbit. This was the same bunny that was thrown into the junkyard with Anger Mouse and Dawn. “Were you watching me?” The rabbit nodded excitedly. The two survived the junkyard together, and before Anger Mouse was put in jail for his criminal behavior, Messy was a close friend of his - and he considered her to be like a little sister.

“Man...” Anger thought out loud, with Don Badge and Messy Bunny both hugging him happily. “I didn’t think anyone would be happy for me if I won, haha...” His gross, yellow buckteeth showed in a strange smile. “Thanks for, UH, NOTICING ME. Hah...” Anger Mouse’s friends squeezed him close to show they cared as the tournament wrapped itself up.

Nishi was really happy to see something he created, that always had a really hard time, finally feeling happy. He knew that Anger Mouse was only pained by his presence, so he and Fuxie left to let him enjoy his moment. Even Dawn faded out of the room. Anger Mouse didn’t need anyone from his past - just his two pals to enjoy the future with.
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