A way-too-big furry story that's sorta naughty and not even about boxing!

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Round 1: Lesbuni VS Nameless Bird

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Round 1: Lesbuni VS Nameless Bird
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Round 1

Lesbuni and Nishi watched the show together until she was called up on stage to fight. The nervous bunny bounced on down to the ring - all set to battle.
“Ring-a-ding-ding, let’th thtart thith thing~!”
Lesbuni gasped instinctually. Something told her to get out of the ring. She hopped right up on the ropes of the boxing ring as she saw white goop fall from the ceiling. A cheerful alligator was swinging around above her. Disgusted, she yelled out, “Hey, you’re messing up the boxing ring!”
Gaydar chuckled, waving down to her, “Actually, I’m thticky-fying it.” For this event, Lesbuni was going to have to fight her opponent in Gator Glue. Lesbuni winced down at the substance - she wasn’t so sure it was really glue.
“In this match, Lesbuni will be fighting...” the hamster announcer began, “ I don’t know who.” He gave a forced laugh over the sound of himself ruffling through some papers. “Wow, there’s really no name for this opponent? Alright, Lesbuni versus the Nameless Opponent!”
Lesbuni looked around the ring, still balancing on the ropes, “Is the other boxer even here?” As soon as she said that, two birds flew into the ring! One was the hummingbird referee, and the other was a blue bird with boxing gloves on its talons.
“Tweet tweet,” the beautiful blue bird chirped.
Lesbuni glared at it as the match begun. She and the bird both waited for the other to make a move. “Come on, do something!” Lesbuni yelled. The bird taunted her, flying its body back and forth. Tired of waiting, Lesbuni crouched down to jump and lost her balance. She was about to fall into the glue, so she grabbed out to the first thing she could - the referee’s wing.
“Hey hey hey!! Watch it!” Aro panicked. This was his worst nightmare. He specifically became a referee so he didn’t have to fight, but now he was directly involved. “Let me go off! I mean- let go off me! No, ah, let... off!” Aro could barely flap his left wing with Lesbuni clinging to it like a baby, desperate not to fall in the glue. Aro kept fluttering his right wing as his left side started to sink downward. The hummingbird ref was now sideways, trying to stay safely afloat until...
“Caw!” The blue bird dashed forward and started punching her little leg at Lesbuni’s face and arm, trying to make her let go.
“Ahhhhh!!” the bunny cried, trying to kick her legs at the bird until one lucky rabbit foot bashed the birdy into the glue. But she sat up quick, and started trying to fly to escape the glue. Lesbuni had to attack while she had the chance. She looked Aro in the eyes. “I’m sorry.”
“Wait, NO!” Aro cried - Lesbuni swung herself up on top of Aro’s body, causing him to fall in the glue. The rabbit hopped from on top of Aro’s back, and over to the bird. Her feet landed in the glue, stuck, but all she needed were her fists. She pounded the little birdy and sent it flying into the air! It landed on the floor outside the ring, the glue on its back forcing it to stay stuck in place. With a short count, the bird was out!
“Weeeeee have a winner, folks!” Oxnard cheered as Lesbuni looked up with a grin. Everyone cheered for the little rabbit, but with her feet stuck, all she could do was raise her arms and wave to the crowd.
“Haha, wait, wait! I have an idea... Gaydar, pull Aro up!” The giddy hamster giggled. The gator eased down from the ropes on the ceiling, landing in the glue, walking freely in it. Apparently his alligator scales were resistant to its stickiness! He used his tail like a spatula to swipe the bird free, holding him up to the announcer.
“Thank you Gaydar,” Aro sincerely pat the gator’s nose.
“Thure thing, thweetie!” he chimed in response.
“Get some glue on his front side,” Oxnard ordered.
Aro pleaded, “What!? No, don’t-”
“You got it!” Gaydar scooped up some goop in his claw and rubbed is all over Aro’s bare belly. The bird whined, he couldn’t even fly to escape right now.
“Aaaaand, feathers!” Oxnard announced over the speakers, as brightly colored feathers fell from the ceiling. “Hahaha! Now that Aro’s covered in glue and feathers, he’s going to look like a bird!”
“But I am a bird!” the referee whined. Gaydar skipped around the ring to show off Aro’s newly feathered body. Everyone cheered and got a good laugh out of it. Aro was pretty confused, but it could have been worse, “At least I didn’t get injured. Even if this is gross and tough to clean out of my feathers, I was so worried about getting hurt while helping out... maybe I can put my fears to rest!”
Oxnard teased over the mic, “Oh? We can help with that! Gaydar, which of his bones looks the most frail?”
“What!? No no!” Aro yelped while Gaydar poked ticklishly around his body.
When those three were done joking around, Lesbuni asked for Gaydar’s help in getting free and went to wash off her sticky fur. It took her a while to clean it all out! When she got back, her friend Nishi told her about the fights she missed while she was away.
“You might not like this, but while you were gone, you missed a fight with this tall, orange fox lady...” Nishi grinned nervously.
“What? Wh... do you mean... she already came out!?” Lesbuni whimpered.
“Yeah, sorry buddy.” The fox that Lesbuni was waiting to see again had already come and gone. “But the good news is that she won! So she’ll be back in a few days...”
Lesbuni frowned, this fox was very hard to get in touch with. And with the new rules, if either of them lost a match, they’d be out of the competition! It could be their last chance to talk to each other here. The disappointed bunny decided to leave early for the day.
“I’ll see you next time, Lesbuni...” Nishi waved, “But, you know there’s another way to talk to her, right?”
Lesbuni was excited about the possibility - but drooped her ears at the reality. “It’s too late. If I meet her that way, she’ll wonder why I didn’t do it earlier.”
“I kinda wonder why you didn’t do it earlier...” Nishi mumbled as Lesbuni slunched the heck on outta there.
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