A way-too-big furry story that's sorta naughty and not even about boxing!

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Round 2: The Quiet Game

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Round 2: The Quiet Game
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Lesbuni was ready for another day at the boxing competition. Things weren’t going as great as she’d expected. On her way there, she noticed a protest going on - it was small, but the few people protesting were huge. As Lesbuni walked closer, she saw that they were all boxers!
The shy rabbit walked across the street so that she didn’t have to be on the same side of the road as them, but she perked an ear up to hear what they had to say.
“Hey! She looks like a boxer!”
“Well she’s gotta come over here some time.”
Lesbuni saw the muscle-heads looking right at her, and she realized, she was dressed in her boxing uniform - gloves and everything! She remembered hearing how professional boxers were upset about the competition not focusing on pure boxing anymore. This must have been the group, and no doubt they’d start trouble with someone enjoying the new Boxer Beats competition.
“Come on! Show us how to get in there.”
Lesbuni gasped - WHERE exactly did these guys want to get into?
“M-Maybe we have to ask the bunny nicely...” a strong, white wolf suggested. “Little bunny! How do we get inside the Box-o’-Briefs?”
Lesbuni was thrown off by that, “You mean Boxer Beats?”
The white wolf bent down and lifted up a cardboard box with ‘Box-o’-Briefs’ written on the side of it. “Nope, it’s Briefs! Not Beats. See?” he held up the cardboard box, “We want to get into the competition and express our feelings.”
“YEAH! Like my fist feeling Oxnard’s butt!”
“And my butt expressing a kick with my foot on his butt from mine!”
More of the protesting boxers started to yell out obscene, violent things. Lesbuni didn’t like that. She raised her snout and kept walking away - she knew bringing the professional boxers to the Boxer Beats competition would cause trouble. She made sure no one followed her there, feeling bothered and paranoid.

Round 2

The little rabbit made it to the stadium safely and enjoyed the show with Nishi and some of his friends. It looks like after a few days, she had some new friends-of-a-friend! She met Gaydar, the glue-loving gator from the other day - he was an absolute sweetheart. They were both sitting with Macaroni Penguin - a kind old lady Lesbuni had seen fighting earlier. Lesbuni had fun hearing them all talk together - she didn’t say much herself, she usually needed time to open up to others. They all wished her luck as she headed off for her next fight.
“Good luck, sweetie!” Macaroni waved, “Never quit!”
“Show the nextht boxther what you’re made of, girl!” Gaydar cheered for her.
Lesbuni couldn’t help but smile, showing her big bunny buck tooth. It was nice feeling like someone out there was rooting for her.
BZZZ-KT! A loud, sharp buzz blasted out the speakers as Lesbuni got on stage.
“Aw shoot, sorry guys! And non-guys.” Oxnard chuckled, “Some technical difficulties going on...”
“Shorry shir, almosht ready.” The husky voice of a nervous technician could be heard in the background.
“Hehe, your voice is so cute! Did you guys hear her accent?” Oxnard gleamed over the microphone, “Say something else!”
“Uh-uh. Jusht let me finish up here and I’ll be on my way.” The technician sounded a little panicked.
“Alright, al-”
BZZZ-KT-KT! The mic fizzled again, causing everyone to groan from the noise.
“Gosh dangit Bushy, what was that?” Oxnard yelled.
“I’m shorry, I’m shorry! Jusht ushe thish mic inshtead.” Bushy sighed, “You kept the shecond one up here?”
“Well, you didn’t wanna be my co-host, but maybe I’ll have someone up here chatting with me sometime!” Oxnard started to sound flirty, “Technically, you’re up here with me~”
“Eeeeek!” Oxnard squeaked.
“Aaaahhh!” the audience yelled. Weird. For a crowd that hated noise they sure made a lot of it.
“You know what - while we fix this issue, let’s watch Lesbuni fight Don okay bye.” Oxnard’s voice disappeared quickly as the audience focused on the boxing ring. The referee counted from three on his fingers to avoid any more noise.
“What’s the rule for this fight?” Lesbuni whispered to the referee. The hummingbird shook his head while pointing to his beak. Lesbuni had an idea!
“What is it?” Don Badge looked at the two, clueless.
Lesbuni smiled and pointed to her mouth, shaking her head.
“Don doesn’t understand.” The badger looked around. “No one is. Telling Don.”
“You’re not supposed to talk...” Lesbuni whispered, “It’s the quiet game!”
“Don will use. This quiet moment. To talk about.” he paused, “Foxy.”
Lesbuni gasped! She knew that name. But she eyed the video screen showing their scores, and Lesbuni was in the lead with her silence...
“Special Foxy Lady.” Don began, “If you see. Don here. Don must say. How Don feels.” Lesbuni eyed him suspiciously as he continued, “Don is bound. To you. By his heart. Forever”
Her jaw nearly fell open.
“Foxie!? THE Foxie?” Lesbuni screeched, demanding an answer.
“No. It’s Foxy.” Don corrected her.
“Foxie, yeah. Foxie Farewell.” Lesbuni nodded.
“Saying it wrong. Her name. Is Foxy Farewell.” Don started to sound snooty.
The two argued back and forth. The ref tried to point towards the screen.
“Are you saying... you like MY Foxie?” Lesbuni bared her bucktooth.
“Don has liked. Special Foxy Lady. For many years.”
“Well...” Lesbuni cracked her knuckles, “You can’t have her.” She took a quick swing at Don, and hit right at his stomach. The badger rolled backwards. She went in for another hit, but he raised his spiked bracelets to defend himself in time.
“Ahhhhh!!” Lesbuni screamed. Those spikes sure hurt when you hit them!
The ref was flapping his wings all around, pointing at the video screen so Lesbuni would see. She saw she was about to lose the quiet game! It wasn’t only about being quiet and saying the least, but noise level too! Don always talked calm, but Lesbuni’s painful scream nearly pushed her over the limit.
She realized she had to use any words wisely. It would be tricky making Don yell louder than her. However, she had something that would work - the truth.
“I dated Foxie,” Lesbuni whispered - Don looked disgusted, “I kissed Foxie.” The bunny continued, the badger’s mouth hung open in awe, “I love Foxie.”
Don began to scream.
“YOU CANNOT.” He ran after her, chasing the rabbit around the ring, “DON DOES NOT. ALLOW FOR SMOOCHIES. ON HIS FOX. UNLESS DON KISSES.”
Lesbuni smiled as she saw Don’s noise level catch up with hers.
The buzzer went off! Don had officially lost the game. All his all-caps screaming pushed his volume over the edge.
“We have a winner!” the referee jumped up happily. “Lesbuni won!” The little rabbit jumped for joy. As nosy as she was about Foxie’s past, she was more happy that Foxie’s future was one step closer to involving her instead of Don.
“NO. NO NO NO.” Don screamed. His guard came on stage and removed the upset badger from the ring. “DON’S STORY. IS NOT OVER. DON WILL. HAVE HIS FOX.” Don glared his rabid, unblinking eyes at her as he was dragged away.
“Wow, that guy’s seriously distressed.” The announcer chuckled, amused, “Great job Lesbuni! Not only did you win the quiet match, but my microphone is all better now! Thank you, my bushy technician.”
“Not’a problem, bossh,” Bushy beaver casually replied before exiting the booth.
In the audience, a particular tanuki and flapinko team were talking up a storm. Nikki, who had been through multiple resets in the boxing competition remembered Bushy Beaver being a co-host. For some reason, she was now a technician. It seemed like a small detail, so why did Bushy’s job change?
Nikki remembered Bushy Beaver and Sweaty Beaver both went missing near the end of the last reset... could they have encountered Dawn as well?
That wasn’t the only change either! Nikki noticed tag-teams like Team Dino Pubes, Team Arthbound, and The Quick & The Angry were all gone! The boxing competition itself changed to one-on-one matches. Lesbuni was no longer on a team with Foxie, and Don wasn’t paired with Anger Mouse. Why were parts of Boxer Beats changing during the reset?
Nikki and Thanks left backstage to start investigating. Meanwhile, Lesbuni smiled as Nishi, Gaydar, and little Macaroni gave her a cheerful group hug. (She didn’t mind them touching her!) She opened up about herself on stage, and her friends-of-a-friend became her friends. They were all rooting for her to meet with Foxie!
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