A way-too-big furry story that's sorta naughty and not even about boxing!

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Round 3: Girls' Night Out

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Round 3: Girls' Night Out
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“You know what? Let’s do it.” Lesbuni decided.
“You? Me? Together?” Nishi asked.
“Mostly just me. You can come if you want.”
“If it’s exciting enough I probably will!” the dino gave a confused smile.
“I’m going to talk to Foxie.” Lesbuni took in a deep breath.
“You’re gonna tell her that we’re doin’ it!? I don’t think she’ll like that.”
“The doing it that we’re doing is telling Foxie whatever I tell her!” Lesbuni yelled. She and Nishi left the stadium and headed over to the Do-Gooders headquarters. She knew Foxie was in the jail there, and it was too much to keep waiting.
Lesbuni waited for her turn to talk to Foxie. The Do-Gooders had a little area where visitors and criminals could talk together. This is where Nishi normally kept in touch with Foxie. It was a lonely experience for the fox, stuck there every day. People weren’t likely to visit a jail every day of their lives just to keep you company, so whenever someone stopped by it was exciting!
But Lesbuni had waited twenty minutes for her chance to talk to Foxie, and she wasn’t showing up.
Two minutes later, “I don’t think she’s coming...” Nishi frowned, “It’s been twenty-two minutes.”
“Give it a little more time...” Lesbuni sighed. She was still tired from screaming with Don earlier today. She closed her eyes for a second and...
“LESBUNI WAKE UP!” Nishi busted his lungs out - Lesbuni woke up with him right up in her face. “You fell asleep!”
Lesbuni yawned and stretched, “How long have I been asleep for...?”
“A minute.” Nishi honked.
“That’s it! I give up.” Lesbuni threw her hands in the air and got up, “Twenty-three minutes? Wow. She sure doesn’t care about keeping us waiting.”
“Oh, now it’s twenty-four minutes...” Nishi reported.
“Wow. I must be dead to her,” Lesbuni growled. It was an adorable little bunny growl. She’s too cute to be scary and mad. Tee hee.
“Lethbuni! Nithi!” A lispy alligator came running into the room, “You two gotta come quick. Foxthie ithn’t in here - the’th in the boxthing ring!” No wonder she hadn’t showed up. Lesbuni immediately ran out the door. She was sure she could catch Foxie if she hurried!
The moment Lesbuni got back in the Boxer Beats stadium, she heard Oxnard over the mic, “Aaaand onto our next fight. Congratulations Foxie on making it through another round - you sure showed that fruit-suiter where to shove his banana.”
Lesbuni smiled - that sounded like the Foxie she knew. But she had to find her before she left! Lesbuni was standing at the stage entrance, looking out to see if Foxie was anywhere near the ring, but there was nothing. She looked towards the different exits to try and catch her leaving, but there wasn’t anyone around...
That meant Foxie was gone.
Lesbuni sank to her knees. She was so tired of how the two always missed each other. Gaydar ran in from the entrance and tried to stop himself as soon as he saw Lesbuni, but the clumsy gator slipped and fell on his butt. The stadium lights all fell on him, the crowd began to laugh and clap.
“Gee golly, hehe! Good thing I gotta rump made of thteel~” Gaydar turned to his side to show off his tail, rubbing it teasingly for the crowd - who gave an aroused cheer. No wonder everyone loved him!
Gaydar snapped out of it and whispered to Lesbuni, “Nithi’th thtaying at the jail in cathe you mithed Foxthie...” He looked around for Foxie, but Lesbuni’s disappointed expression, and being alone meant they were probably too late. “Come on Lethbuni! We jutht have to go back...”
“I’m not going.” Lesbuni pouted and left the stage.
She found a hallway and sat alone for a bit.
It felt like the people Lesbuni cared about were always out of reach. And just in time, Nishi, Gaydar, and Macaroni all found her in the hallway. The rabbit groaned internally - she felt like they would give her an obvious lecture and push her to go see Foxie.
“Heeey Lesbuni...” Nishi smiled, “Foxie couldn’t stay, so don’t worry about going back... but Mac had an idea!”
Lesbuni looked annoyed at the thought of having to do anything.
“How about a girls’ night out?” the older penguin lady asked. “We can take our minds off our partners and go have fun.”
Lesbuni wasn’t expecting that.
“Can Gaydar and I go to the girls’ night out too?” Nishi pleaded.
Gaydar waggled his bare hips and winked. “Acthually, alligator anatomy can kinda make me look like thome girlth thinthe m-” Nishi covered Gaydar’s mouth. He knew Lesbuni didn’t like hearing about anatomical details.
“You’re not gonna tell me what to do about Foxie?” Lesbuni looked up curiously.
“Nah, we figured you’d hate that.” Nishi laughed. He was right!
“But we weren’t sure if you’d want to go out...” Macaroni worried, “we can do whatever you want to.” Everyone looked at Lesbuni and let her decide.
“I... haven’t gone dancing in a while...” the little bunny blushed. “I’m not good at it, but... it’s kind of fun...”
“I wanna go danthing~!” Gaydar wrapped his arm around Nishi, “I know how to cut a rug, I’ll thow ya how it’th done!”
Macaroni Penguin started to tap her feet and flap her wings, “Would you dance with me, Lesbuni?” The little bird chuckled, “I travelled down here alone, so I don’t have anyone to dance with...”
“Oh that’s gross. Mac’s so old!” Nishi joked, “She’s probably like a hundred!”
Lesbuni got up on her feet and took Macaroni’s wing in her paw. She couldn’t believe she was going to go dance with a grandma, or hang out with guys on a girls’ night out. She had no idea what to expect, but she was ready for it!
“Let’s dance our asses off,” the rabbit cheered as she left the stadium with her new, weird friends.

Round 3

After a refreshing night with her pals, Lesbuni was ready for another day in the ring. They were getting closer to the finale!
“I’m kinda surprised...” Lesbuni told Nishi as the two of them headed to the stadium, “I didn’t think I’d get this far!”
“I’m surprised too - but I knew you’d put up a good fight!” Nishi grinned, “I know you’re a shy bunny, but whenever you get in arguments you yell and puff out your little chest - I’d be afraid to fight you!”
Lesbuni crossed her arms and scowled.
“I didn’t mean your little chest. I meant ‘cause you’re a little bunny!” He smiled, “I would never comment on your lack of, uh...”
“That counts as a comment!” Lesbuni snapped, “They’re none of your business.”
“I agree,” her buddy giggled, until they saw the group of professional boxers protesting Boxer Beats. “Uh oh.” They were rowdier today because their calm leader, Stan, wasn’t around!
“Hey, it’s that boxer bunny again,” growled one of the strong lion boxers. “You’re not boxing today, little guy?”
“Nope.” Lesbuni quickly replied without even looking at him.
“What do you mean, Lesbuni? You’re scheduled to fight today!” Nishi responded.
“Dude, Nishi, quiet!” Lesbuni glared at him.
“Ha! So you are coming in today?” The lion picked up the cardboard box and shook it, “Show us how you get in here! I know there’s stuff inside!”
“Isn’t that a box of briefs?” Nishi chuckled, “We’re going to Boxer Beats. That’s what the competition is called,” he looked down at Lesbuni, “or is it Boxer Briefs?”
Lesbuni took Nishi’s hand and hurried them out of there. However, the lion began to follow them.
“If that box isn’t the real entrance to the Boxer Briefs competition, I’m gonna follow you two until you go to the real one,” the stalker lion growled. “You won’t want to miss your fight and lose the competition, right little rabbit?”
Lesbuni was pissed. Now she had a guy stalking her, and trying to stop her from competing in Boxer Beats! She wasn’t going to let some jerk prevent her from trying to see her girlfriend, but most importantly...
“I am NOT going to be stalked by anyone. ESPECIALLY not a guy.” Lesbuni turned around, her angry eyes looking right up at the big boxer. Nishi huddled behind her and nervously started playing with his phone.
“I bet you do this to animals all the time if you think it’s okay to stalk anyone.” The little bunny growled, “It is NOT okay to do this. This is harassment.”
The lion raised an eyebrow, “I’m not harassing you, lady. I can walk wherever I want.” He rolled his eyes, trying to sound polite, “I happen to be going to the same place you’re going, so can you please lead the way?”
“No.” Lesbuni made herself clear, and after a moment of silence, “Well? I’m not leading you anywhere. So GO. If it’s not harassment, leave.”
The lion lost his polite smile, “Okay, it wasn’t harassment before... but it is now.
Lesbuni was a firm believer in educating the stupid. She grabbed a book from her bag and threw it right at the lion’s face. She knew to go for the eyes if she had to fight an attacker, but he was too tall for her to reach.
The lion blocked the book throw, but Lesbuni was ready to fight. With his hands covering his face, Lesbuni used her short height to attack his knees, feet, and groin. With a few hard hits, the lion bully was hurt. Lesbuni grabbed Nishi’s hand and made a run for it.
“Oh my gosh, this is so scary!” Nishi cried as they ran far down the street, making sure the lion was still down. “Are you okay?”
Lesbuni kept running, “Yeah! Attack and run.” Lesbuni was always skeptical of guys, and for once her paranoia and education helped her against one!
“While you were saving our butts, I called for help!” Nishi showed her his phone.
“Hey kids,” a tall, scary figure suddenly sprang up behind them.
Nishi and Lesbuni screamed!
After a moment, they realized it was their scrunky-looking friend, Fuxie.
Nishi and Lesbuni screamed again!
“Who do I get to beat up, where is he?” Fuxie asked Nishi, “He didn’t hurt ya?”
“No no, we’re fine! Lesbuni kicked his butt,” Nishi grinned, “but you can go kick it some more before Officer Goatella gets here.”
Fuxie laughed, eyeing the small rabbit, “Really? The little lady did it? Cool.”
Their punky fox friend went to go kick at the guy the two had escaped - keeping him down until the Do-Gooders arrived.
Lesbuni was proud of herself! She got praise from one of the toughest girls she knew, she protected her friend Nishi from getting hurt, she stood up for herself, and she made sure nothing got in the way of her competing in the tournament! Finally seeing her girlfriend again was going to be the best reward she could get.
“Welp, that’s all taken care of...” Fuxie sighed, the fun part was over. “Nice to see Officer Goatella in action though~” She grinned as she checked out the goat arresting the lion stalker.
“Goatella the gorgeous! Gee, I don’t know what I would have done without you guys - I mean, girls.” Nishi laughed, “I wish I was as tough as you three are.”
“And I wish Goatella would use her handcuffs on me~” Fuxie growled playfully.
Goatella was ready to head back to the DG headquarters, “You sweeties did such a good job defending yourself against that very handsome, muscular lion. He could use a tamer,” the motherly goat smiled.
“I could use a tamer too,” Fuxie grinned with a wink.
“That’s gross, Fuxie.” Nishi stuck out his tongue, “You’re not as smooth as-”
“You’re completely hairless and bald everywhere, I know.” Fuxie smirked.
“Don’t say that in front of Goatella!!” Nishi whined.
Goatella smiled politely and kneeled down to the short rabbit, “Great self-defense, Lesbuni.” Goatella put a little Do-Gooders sticker on her shirt, “You don’t have to be an officer to be a Do-Gooder! Keep up the good work.”
The lady goat smiled and left the scene while Nishi and Fuxie kept bickering.
“Okay you two, I gotta go.” Lesbuni waved, the stadium up ahead, “Thanks for helping me get there safe!”
“You would’ve anyway, ya little ass kicker,” Fuxie laughed. “We’re coming too, wait up!”
Nishi and Fuxie headed off with Lesbuni. The three joked around while watching the show. The little rabbit was sincerely surprised someone as tough and scary-looking as Fuxie thought a shy little rabbit like her was tough! But she liked having Fuxie’s respect, and felt accomplished having tough ladies like her and Goatella on her side.
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