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Round 4: Battle of the Breasts

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Round 4: Battle of the Breasts
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Round 4

“Whoooooo’s ready to get Sweaty~?” The announcer asked the audience as another match started. The crowd had high hopes, “Lesbuni, how about you?”
The little rabbit on stage looked confused, “Sweaty doing what?”
“Sweaty’s doing what he’s best at, being a sweaty beaver!”
Lesbuni was confused. She looked up at the stage entrance to see a large, sweaty beaver in tight, hot pink, spandex shorts. They didn’t leave much to the imagination. His body bounced and jiggled as he made his way into the ring. Lesbuni was not interested. And she wasn’t scared! She fought off a big lion earlier today, she could handle a flubbery old beaver.
“Allllllrighty! Hope you’re ready to get that beaver, and you might get sweaty too because this match isn’t about hitting, it’s about titting!” Oxnard chuckled, “So believe in yourself and do your breast.”
Lesbuni’s jaw dropped. Fighting using your breasts? She was ready to jump on the sexist idea, when she looked up at the chubby male beaver, holding his up.
“Heh! Fer once, mah biggole man moobies are gonna do somethin’ good fer me.” Sweaty Beaver smiled. Lesbuni looked up at his chest, wincing her eyes. His jugs were huge. She looked down at her own and, well, everyone knew they were not. And she didn’t feel it was exactly sexist if a guy was using his breasts to fight - especially if they looked as big and powerful as Sweaty’s.
“Don’ worry thur, li’l lady,” Sweaty chuckled in his friendly accent, “work with what yuh got!” Lesbuni frowned, a bit embarrassed.
“Alright, let’s start the fight,” the referee began the count. “Teat, two, one...”
Lesbuni recounted exactly what she did earlier today against the lion - but she knew she wasn’t allowed to punch or kick. But then... when she imagined it, she didn’t want to smother her body in his eyes, or against his groin. She dashed forward and swiped her chest from left to right, slapping herself against his knees, and fell chest-first onto his feet.
“Good golly, mama, hallelujah!” Sweaty cried out loud. He was hit, but he wasn’t going down. Lesbuni swiped again, against his hip and his biggole belly, but it wasn’t working.
“Incoming! Timber~” Sweaty chuckled as he fell forward, trying to land on Lesbuni. She dashed out just in time. Sweaty teased, “Heh heh, could’a squished ya.”
“Is that fair!?” Lesbuni looked up at the announcer booth.
“If it’s a squish from his tits, I admits, it’s a hits!” Oxnard’s voice echoed.
“Ugh,” Lesbuni groaned, the difficulties and risks went up! She looked over to Fuxie and Nishi in the crowd cheering her on, they were both pointing at something with their fingers. Lesbuni didn’t understand what. They kept pointing down, but there was nothing below them. The two stood out of their seats and-
“NO.” Lesbuni gasped. They wanted her to hit him in a place she did NOT want to go. “I won’t! That’s gross!”
The tall, chubby beaver tried to walk on his knees so he was level with Lesbuni’s short height. Lesbuni bit her lip. She ran, and he got up to chase her, she kept looking at Fuxie and Nishi pointing to their groins, and Lesbuni shook her head.
But she remembered how tough they thought she was.
Lesbuni took a deep breath and ran right towards Sweaty, leaping chest-first between his thighs. Her head hit his wet, sweating stomach, but her chest slapped the right spot - which was easy to find in those tight pink shorts!
“GUH!” Sweaty choked, his beaver bits knocked up, and the big guy fell down, knocked out. But he landed on top of Lesbuni!
The crowd gasped!
“Is she squished?”
“Which one won?”
“Don’t quit, Lesbuni!” Macaroni Penguin cheered from the audience, “Climb out! You can do it!”
The referee started to count, but he wasn’t sure who would win if he finished!
“One... Two...”
The crowd watched closely, until two teal bunny ears stuck out from under Sweaty’s caboose. The crowd gasped again as the little rabbit, covered in sweat, popped right out from under his body! She stood up with a desperate gasp for air.
“Teat! I mean, three. You did it, Lesbuni. Yoooou’re the winner!” The referee held the little bunny’s arm up - she was too tired to do anything but breathe.
“Told ya she was tough,” Fuxie nudged Nishi from the crowd.
“You did it Lesbuni,” Mac cheered, “you did what I could not! I’m so proud...”
Lesbuni felt super disgusting. Being stuck under a sweaty animal was rough, and being under a guy was more uncomfortable for her, but being SPECIFICALLY stuck under his lower half made her completely nauseous.
“How do you feel, Lilbunny?” the announcer ham asked the winner from above.
“I feel sick.” Lesbuni waved her paw to the crowd, covering her mouth as she went off to the showers, once again covered in gross fluids. She could hear some echoes about how she had made it to the finale, but the little bunny really wanted to get clean. In all fairness, she thought, she wouldn’t have minded being stuck under a lady’s sweaty beaver, instead of the male, Sweaty Beaver. She thought on it more, and thought she might be over-reacting. Heck, she could have even offended Sweaty Beaver if he saw someone feel so sick after being near him!
“It wasn’t that bad...” She nodded to herself. “I know some people that would probably pay to have that happen to them,” she chuckled. After cleaning up, she made sure to find Sweaty and see if he was okay.
“S’no trouble at all, li’l bun,” Sweaty shook his head. “Ah jus’ wish ah could’a won. Oxnard said ah should’a jus’ been a refuree. Heh. Guess he was righ’.”
“Oh, no! You were a great boxer.” She pat Sweaty’s arm - touching someone didn’t feel uncomfortable anymore. Or maybe it was just with Sweaty. Kind of hard to mind when you were squished under their sweating hot crotch moments ago.
“Don’t let anyone say anything bad about you, or your body, okay?” Lesbuni smiled up at him.
“Same to you an’ yours, with yer li’l bunny breasts an’ all,” Sweaty nodded. That wasn’t what Lesbuni meant, and usually she would educate the stupid - but it looks like this time the stupid educated her.
“Good luck in the finale, Lesbuni...” Sweaty gave a warm smile, “Foxie’s gonna be tough ta beat!”
Lesbuni’s eyes lit up. She totally forgot!
“I’m... going to fight Foxie... in the finale?”
“Darn tootin’. Ah’ll be rootin’ fer yuh!”
Lesbuni’s whole time at the Boxer Beats tournament was spent chasing after Foxie. She was hoping the two would be a fun team spending time together. But the first and last time they’d see each other would be in the final match.
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