A way-too-big furry story that's sorta naughty and not even about boxing!

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Round 5: Girl on Girl

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Round 5: Girl on Girl
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Round 5
An excited crowd waited for the final fight of Boxer Beats! The night was packed - Lesbuni’s friends and family were all attending! Beyond all the bunnies were Nishi, Gaydar, Macaroni Penguin, Fuxie, Goatella, and Sweaty Beaver. Lesbuni had a lot of friends rooting for her now! Having one friend lead to making more friends. Standing up for herself and remembering to be kind brought more friends into her life too. The shy little lady-loving bunny was finally figuring out the key to starting healthy relationships.
And now she was ready to kick a butt! Friendship-full-ishly.
“Iiiiintroducing, at a weight of, ‘for how long’ and a height of ‘including the ears or not’ iiiiiis Leeeeeesbuniiiii~!”
The crowd flipped out, ready for a fight, as Oxnard announced the tough bunny’s entrance. She waved to her friends and family as she hopped on up to the ring.
“And her opponent, possibly a love interest of the past, is our one and only, Foxie Farewell~!” Everyone was curious and interested, they didn’t know the two best fighters might have had a fling.
Lesbuni put her hand to her chest, her heart was beating like crazy. She was scared and nervous, exactly like she was on the very first day of Boxer Beats. Her eyes were wide, eyeing the entrance, waiting for Foxie.
Foxie slowly entered the stage. She looked out to the crowd with nervous, innocent eyes. She wore a black dress with a dark red scarf around her neck. The tall, orange fox looked over to the teal bunny from across the room. They couldn’t believe they were seeing each other for the first time in years. It didn’t feel like it. They looked exactly like they last remembered.
Foxie cautiously crawled into the ring, slowly standing up, raising an arm to the crowd before looking down at Lesbuni. The little rabbit was so scared, she couldn’t think of anything to say to her.
“Lesbuni...” Foxie gave a kind smile.
“Fh fh fh... faw...” Lesbuni stuttered. Foxie gave a sweet chuckle.
Oxnard was yammering on about them over the microphone, but these two were in their own little world right now.
“I’m sorry we haven’t seen each other much...” Foxie calmly apologized.
“What? No. I’m sorry. Foxie...” Lesbuni stepped up to her, “I, I should have visited you while you were in jail.” She took a deep breath, “I knew Nishi was visiting you all the time, I should have been checking in on you too. I care about how you’re doing, I was scared! When we broke up, you weren’t yourself, and ended up in jail. I still wanted to be with you! But everything felt weird.” She sighed, “It was nice having Nishi talk to you. It made it sound like you were your old self, and I could hear about how you were doing.”
The little rabbit lowered her ears, “I don’t know what our relationship is... but I know now that you are yourself! I’m sorry I made you wait for me to show up.”
Foxie struggled for words.
“Wow, no... I could have met you here at the competition, Lesbuni, but I avoided you...” Foxie gulped, “because I’m still not myself.”
“What do you mean?” Lesbuni thought everything was okay!
“I am not. Myself right now.”
“No. It’s not me. I have to... Beat you.” The fox began to attack. Lesbuni backed away, avoiding her punches as she was chased around the ring.
“Uh, hey, ladies!” Oxnard spoke over the microphone. “This isn’t... it’s not what the final match is!” The two ignored Oxnard, fighting each other, “I have this really cool final battle planned out...” The hamster sighed. The crowd seemed more into what they were doing anyway.
“Foxie, stop!” The rabbit dashed away defensively.
“One more fight. One more reset.” Lesbuni didn’t know what Foxie was saying. Foxie raised her arms up, her body was glowing, and the fox began to float up into the air.
“What the heck!?” Lesbuni screeched. The crowd was impressed, it looked like a magic trick. A hot floating fox in a dress made the crowd a little flustered.
“Hey Lesbuni, look up!”
“Can you see what she’s wearing underneath?”
Lesbuni gasped at the horrible, perverted suggestions everyone was making.
“That’s not consensual! Foxie, you get down here right now. I will NOT have pervs peeking on you.” Lesbuni demanded, but Foxie wasn’t listening, so the rabbit jumped on and off the ropes to tackle Foxie mid-air. Lesbuni pinned Foxie to the ground, “Stay down!”
“That will not. Make Foxie happy.”
“I know what will...” Lesbuni smirked.
“Show me. The key. To the reset.”
Using her lesbian powers, Lesbuni gently leaned her snout into Foxie’s, pressing in close against her lips.
“Oh gosh!” Foxie interrupted, her eyes lighting up before softly closing, pushing back into the kiss. The crowd LOVED it. Everyone watched the ladies kiss on stage - even the referee, who forgot to start counting.
After a moment, Aro remembered his job, and counted out, “One. Two. Threeway!” The bird covered his beak, hoping nobody heard that thought leak out.
And they probably didn’t! Everyone was cheering and dancing in their seat - some could not stand up at the moment, but they were there in spirit. Lesbuni blushed, still on top of Foxie’s body. The two looked at each other, bewildered. Foxie’s body continued to glow. Her fox ears flickered. The red scarf around her neck floated up and away, revealing yellow fabric underneath. It vanished like a departed ghost.
“...Now I feel normal again... I think,” Foxie regained her innocent smile, and nuzzled her snout along Lesbuni’s cheek.
Aro picked up the small rabbit and raised her into the air, “Ladies, gentlemen, everyone else - we have a neeeew Boxer Beats champion!”
“Coooongratulations Lesbuni!” Oxnard ran into the ring, hopping and skipping happily with her trophy. “You did it! It’s a big day for us little critters.” The hamster winked, handing the trophy to Aro, who meant to hand it to Lesbuni, but handed it to Foxie. Foxie handed it back to Oxnard, who handed it back to Foxie, who handed it to Oxnard again before he handed it up to Aro, who handed it to Lesbuni.
Lesbuni handed it to Foxie, who handed it to Aro, who handed it back up to Lesbuni. She grinned and shook it up in the air! Cameras flashed, spaghetti fell from the ceiling. Or uh, confetti fell from the ceiling. But you know what? Spaghetti did too. It was colorful and delicious and confusing.
“I noodle you could do it, Lesbuni!” Nishi and their friends came running up on stage, “You and Foxie finally got to meet again... I’m so happy for you!”
“Oh thweetie, you were thuper!” Gaydar gave her a thumbs up, “Nithe and gay!”
“You never gave up, and you got your reward,” Macaroni nodded gently, “I wish my husband was here...”
“You kicked butt, Buni! Foxie’s easy, huh?” Fuxie winked.
“Foxie beat me in the competition. She’s a tough fighter, just like you, Lesbuni.” Goatella gave gentle smile and pat the little bunny’s head.
“Yeh did it!” Sweaty laughed, “Maybe next time, you an’ yer girly can bump chests instead’a me, heh heh.”
Lesbuni felt so warm having people genuinely happy for her, most importantly...
The glowing fox smiled over at the rabbit. “Lesbuni...”
In a flash of white, Foxie’s black dress unfurled into a sparkling silver gown. She looked like a princess that had just been saved. The fox slowly approached her heroine, and kneeled down in the confetti-covered-spaghetti, gently kissing on her nose. “Thank you so much. I don’t know exactly what happened... but I do know that I’ll be happy now. I’m free. I didn’t need to win, I just needed to be with you again.”
Lesbuni chuckled bashfully, a bit speechless.
“I shouldn’t have avoided you. I wish I looked for you right from the start of the competition.” Foxie smiled, picking Lesbuni up and cradling her in her arms.
“I shouldn’t have avoided you either! I should have been visiting you years ago, and keeping you company.” Lesbuni whined, “If I could do it all over, I’d run to you right away Foxie.”
Foxie beamed proudly towards her little rabbit, “Oh Lesbuni, I’d run to you too.”
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