A way-too-big furry story that's sorta naughty and not even about boxing!

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Lesbuni's Ending

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Lesbuni's Ending
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As the competition started to close down, Nikki and Thanks stood on the roof together, watching the sun start to set. There wasn’t any wind blowing - but Foxie’s ragged scarf flew up in the air and landed right on Nikki’s face. The tanuki screamed in surprise, throwing it on the ground.
“Be careful! With my body! Please.” Out from the scarf flew a familiar ghost dog, Dawn. She looked over at Nikki and Thanks.
“So was that hot or what?” Nikki nudged her partner, “Some nice girly kisses...”
“Foxie did not. Win Boxer Beats.” Dawn huffed, “I got her. To the top. And lost.”
Nikki and Thanks smiled, “Ahhh, so that was you trying to help her win? Nice work! The floating and glowing stuff was cool.”
Dawn smiled, “Yes. It was cool.” She rolled her eyes, “Thanks for helping.”
“What?” Nikki was surprised, “It doesn’t matter who won - they were both on the list. If the finale has two people from the list in it, we don’t have to do anything.”
“There is. An order. To prevent conflict.”
“What, alphabetical? Because L comes before F.”
“No. It does not.”
“Of course it - does it?” Nikki wondered.
“It doesn’t.” Thanks chimed in.
“Anomaly. Will go next.” Dawn replied, annoyed. “Remember it.”
“Who’s Anomaly? Foxie?” Nikki asked, but Dawn vanished in the air. They were not having good times together. Nikki didn’t even get to ask about why the competition changed! She was curious about the teams being removed, or how Bushy and Sweaty Beaver became a camera girl and boxer instead of a co-host and referee. But more mysteries remained. Nikki and Thanks left the rooftop to see how the winner was doing at the end of all this.

Downstairs, Lesbuni and Foxie were inseparable. The two were sitting down, holding each other’s hands, with years of conversations to catch up on. Everything felt right between them again. However...
“It’s going to be hard when this night is over, and you’ll be back in captivity...” Lesbuni tried to find a softer word for it. “It’s going to be tough every day, knowing that you’re in there and I’m out here...”
Nikki and Thanks eavesdropped on in.
“But I’m so happy to see you again, and I promise,” Lesbuni tightened her paw on Foxie’s, “I’ll visit you every day that I can. I’ll stop by after school and before work. I’ll check in on weekends and holidays. I want to spend as much time with you as I can until you’re out of there.”
“You don’t have to do all that, Lesbuni.” Foxie nodded, “I’d love it any time you visit, but no one wants to visit a jail every day.”
“Is it jail or prison?” Lesbuni asked.
“I don’t know. Nobody knows the difference.” Foxie shrugged.
“Either way, I want to visit! I swear, it’s the only thing that would make me happy. If I had to visit you in a hospital each day, if I could only talk to you through letters or phone calls or a computer screen...” Lesbuni looked right into Foxie’s eyes, “I’d do it every day just to be with you.”
Foxie’s nose scrunched up as she smiled.
“Ladies~” the announcer hamster walked up to the two, “it’s time for Foxie to head back in. We’re having a special dinner at the Do-Gooders HQ tonight! DGHQ!” The ladies frowned, knowing their time was up. “Lesbuni, would you want to join us? You and your girlfriend can have a table to yourselves.” That sounded like a dinner date! Lesbuni’s girlfriend lit up with excitement. She never imagined she’d have a dinner date while she was locked up.
The little bunny agreed, sharing one last moment of affection with Foxie before running off to get ready. Now she knew how to love from a distance, but she would do everything she could to enjoy their moments in person together. Lesbuni could follow Foxie anywhere. As long as the two were together, they’d always find a way to be happy.
“I can’t wait to go to jail!”
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Love Bunny Lesbuni

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