A way-too-big furry story that's sorta naughty and not even about boxing!

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Me or My Foxsona?

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Me or My Foxsona?
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Foxie’s heart was set on someone.
On the first day of Boxer Beats she showed up early, looking through thousands of faces attending the tournament to find the one mattered the most to her.
“Lesbuni!?” the frantic fox called out to the crowd. She felt like she woke up from a bad dream, and needed to find her for comfort. Her eyes darted towards anyone with teal fur, looking for a warm, familiar face to put her worries to rest.
“Foxie!!” a short rabbit hopped up in the air from behind a group of normal-sized animals. The pair desperately called out to each other through all the noise, until Foxie felt someone small leap up against her chest, hugging her close. Foxie wrapped her arms around them and cuddled the little fur closely.
“Haha, hey Foxie,” a small hamster was in her arms. He pointed out to the crowd, “Lesbuni’s over there, you might wanna put me down and go hug her.” Oxnard chuckled as Foxie realized she wasn’t holding Lesbuni.
Foxie let go of the ham and ran over to Lesbuni, sliding on her knees, catching the little rabbit in her arms. She cradled Lesbuni close as she hugged Foxie in return.
“Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s you!” Foxie smiled down at her little face.
“Foxie, I missed you so much!” The little rabbit felt her paw against Foxie’s cheek, looking into her eyes. They’d been apart for years, but they looked exactly like the other remembered, as if they held each other yesterday. “I wanna say it right now - I’m so sorry I never visited you in jail! And I’m sorry we broke up!”
“It’s okay, it’s okay!” Foxie laughed, “All that matters now is that we’re together.”
“Do you... do you want to be together?” Lesbuni looked up at her past love with hopeful eyes. “I’d be your girlfriend if... you want to be mine.”
“Yes!!” Foxie grinned. She picked Lesbuni up and twirled her around happily. The little bunny’s feet hit someone’s ears standing nearby, but they couldn’t help it, they had to express their excitement! After years apart, still feeling strong for each other, they now knew how the other felt, and that their feelings were shared. This was the happy ending the two had longed for, starting on the first day of Boxer Beats.
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Me or My Foxsona?

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