A way-too-big furry story that's sorta naughty and not even about boxing!

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Foxie and Lesbuni reunited
But that isn’t the end
Foxie was holding a secret within
A part of yourself you can’t hide from a friend
Anomaly’s story’s about to begin

Anomaly was a white fox with a lavender tummy. The young fox was an entertainer, who wore a classy top hat! They weren’t completely masculine - Anomaly had a feminine side too. Below that gentlemanly top hat was a brightly colored cyan tutu on top of a purple tutu on top of a neon pink tutu, and boy was it hard to look at. Like seeing a cartoon character in real life - that’s what Anomaly was!
That’s actually what he was.
Anomaly wasn’t a real animal. He was a character Foxie made up.
Before Foxie was sent to jail, she was a dancer, a singer, and she travelled around with a group of musicians. They all put on fun shows together! Foxie couldn’t perform with them anymore, but she still thought of songs and stories during her downtime. She was creative at heart, and her art never stops!
At first, Anomaly was a character Foxie made to star in one story - but then he wound up in a second story, and got a cameo in another. She shared the stories with others in jail, who all had a lot of fun creating their own imaginary adventures. Foxie ended up using her character so frequently, the imaginary fox started to represent the work that Foxie created, and eventually represented Foxie herself.
“I’d really like to make a fun costume for Anomaly one day,” Foxie smiled.
“You want to make a fox costume? You’re already a fox,” one jailmate replied.
“You could color your fur to look like him,” another suggested.
“Yeah, but Foxie might have some things upstairs Anomaly doesn’t. Heh heh.”
“And she might not have something that Anomaly does!” the two laughed.
“Don’t talk about Anomaly’s anatomy like that!” Foxie grinned, “I’ll find a way.”
Even though Foxie and the others were in jail, it didn’t mean they couldn’t have fun, form friendships, or act like total nerds there.
The jail was part of the Do-Gooders Headquarters. The organization believed in morality, justice, and were out to help! They were connected to local hospitals and had doctors and nurses on staff. Animals in Our City report crimes to the DG or call them for help. They had a jail and prison - but everyone uses the terms interchangeably and incorrectly because most don’t know the difference.
For the record - if a citizen in Our City does something bad, they’re sent to jail before going to court. If they’re guilty, they’re sent to prison as a fully official criminal. Simple enough? Jail first, prison after. It’s not that complicated.
But to make it complicated, Foxie moved from jail to prison, and then back to jail. If you Do-Good in the behavioral program the prison has, criminals can transfer to the nicer jail area. Everyone there is hoping they’ll go back to regular outside life again soon. Our City tried to put more thought into their systems than planet Arth did.
The chief of the Do-Gooders, Oxnard Boulevard, kept a close eye on Foxie. The hamster created the Do-Gooders because of Foxie’s brother, Faux Farewell. Faux was the goodest Do-Gooder of them all! He lost his life protecting Oxnard, so Oxnard dedicated the group to helping and protecting others. Since Foxie was Faux’s sister, he would take special care of her.
Even though Foxie got (possibly illegal) special attention, she was very behaved all on her own. She was kind and polite, very rational. And creative! Fortunately, the DGHQ had a Creativity Room, where Foxie and her friends could spend time drawing, writing, making crafts - it was a little childish - but seeing criminals show their soft side, having fun, and being creative was a great way to show that they’d be fine once released into society.
“Aww, look Foxie! Anomaly got fan art again.”
Foxie’s tail swished happily behind her as she looked up on the wall. There was a new drawing someone made of her character!
“Oh gosh, that’s so nice.” Foxie couldn’t stop smiling. A few different animals in jail made art of her character, but she didn’t know who drew it if they didn’t sign it. “With everyone drawing what Anomaly looks like, it’ll be so much easier to make a fox costume some day!”
“They’ll never let us have sewing machines or needles in the Creativity Room...” one jailbird sighed.
“Oh, I guess not...” Foxie looked down. “But maybe there’s another way...”
Foxie kept thinking about making her costume, and a good moment to bring it up came when a friend of hers visited her in jail!
“Hey there, Foxie!” Nishi smiled - her cheerful, orange dino buddy often visited the DG jail to talk to her and see how she was doing. “Anything new going on?”
Foxie nodded happily between the glass separating the two, “Yeah! I thought of a new art project.” She blushed down shyly, waiting for him to ask what it was before replying, “I want to make a costume of my character, Anomaly!”
“Oh, your foxsona?” Nishi giggled, “That sounds rad!”
“It’s, it’s not, ah...” Foxie panicked, “It’s a personal persona that’s a fox...”
“Okay, not a foxsona, it’s a fox persona...” Nishi playfully rolled his eyes. “I wouldn’t care if it’s a foxsona though! Those’re neat.”
“Well it doesn’t matter, they’re never going to let us sew anything here.” Foxie sighed, “I mean, I don’t want to make an ugly outfit of a character I put so much effort into! I could glue fabric together but it’d look bad.”
Nishi went wide-eyed, “Well wait a moment. You know who you’re talking to~”
Foxie nodded, “That’s right! I know you can sew, but...”
“Maybe I could... have a special sewing class, for all the jail animals!” Nishi grinned, “I can ask Oxnard if it’s okay! I’ll bring my materials and machine and I can have one-on-one time with all the jail folks that want to sew something fun.”
“Really!?” Foxie laughed, “But you’d be doing that with criminals, you know...”
“I hang out with Fuxie all the time - she’s a huge criminal!” Nishi chuckled, “And uh, technically you are too kinda. It’d be fun to make your costume together.”
Nishi waved goodbye for now - leaving Foxie for the day. But they’d see each other again during Boxer Beats! Foxie was happy to have a friend that supported her weird art ideas. Maybe she would be able to bring her character into the real world after all!
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Me or My Foxsona?

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