A way-too-big furry story that's sorta naughty and not even about boxing!

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Fruit Suits

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Fruit Suits
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Another day in the boxing competition, Foxie was walked out of jail with her guard as she went to find Lesbuni. Now that the two were official again, Foxie looked forward to watching the competition with the little bunny by her side.
“Hey Foxie!” Lesbuni waved, making sure to save a seat for her and her guard - what a thoughtful girlfriend.
The two (and the third wheel guard) enjoyed a pleasant day of chit-chatting together, catching up on little things. Foxie hadn’t told Lesbuni about Anomaly yet, but she was hopeful that she’d like it.
“Oh, I might get to take a sewing class in jail,” Foxie started, “there’s this thing I really want to make...”
“What thing? Clothes?” Lesbuni guessed, “Speaking of clothes-” Lesbuni pointed down to the boxing ring, where a little tanuki was wearing a fruit suit. Fruit suits were colorful outfits that made it look like the person wearing it was a fruit, or other type of food. This tanuki was adorned in a green skirt and overalls, and a round hood over their head with a tiny stem poking out on top. They looked like a sour apple. “Look at what that guy’s wearing. Do you think he’s a fruity?”
“Oh, there’s a fruity down there?” Foxie peered over to the ring to see. Anyone that wore a fruit suit was called a ‘fruity’ and they usually caught attention. Some animals thought it looked fun and cute, others thought it was weird to be so obsessed with fruit. However, most could see that it promoted a healthy lifestyle, so they could only complain so much. “That’s nice...”
Foxie didn’t get to finish her story before Lesbuni kept talking, “I dunno, it’s kinda weird to me that animals want to be fruit. We evolved from fruit and plants for a reason.” The ranting rabbit sighed, “It’s like the opposite of progress.”
“That doesn’t mean she wants to be something else, right?” Foxie frowned, “Maybe she’s dressing up for fun. It’s harmless.”
She?” Lesbuni blinked and looked at the boxer’s information on the stadium screen, “Oooh, it’s Nikki, you’re right.” Lesbuni changed her mind, “Girls shouldn’t be judged by what they wear... so I guess I shouldn’t judge any fruities...”
They both knew Lesbuni was a little bias towards girls - but it’s because she wanted them to be anything they wanted to be. She was more critical towards guys doing the same thing sometimes, but Foxie made her aware of that. The whole situation made them both feel bad. Foxie pet her paw on top of Lesbuni’s - opinions could be messy, but having differences was perfectly okay!
After a moment, Lesbuni looked up to her girlfriend, “So, um. What about clothes? Sorry I interrupted.”
“Oh yeah! Um, I have this character I made up, and-”
The match was over, and Nikki was victorious. The crowd was loud as Nikki bowed. She started to shout, “How do you like them apples?
Lesbuni and Foxie giggled and clapped - the match went by fast!
“I’ll tell you later,” Foxie shrugged, the noise too much for her story. Especially as the announcer started to speak!
“Congratulations on the victory, Nikki!” The announcing hamster smiled, “I applaud your opponent’s appalling defeat by an apple. They didn’t seed that coming.”
“Please stop,” Nikki replied with bluntitude.
“Maybe in the next round we’ll be ‘bobbing for Nikkis’, or at least putting our mouths on them.” Oxnard teased, “Until then, we’ll Vitamin C you later~”
Nikki removed her apple hoodie and stomped off the stage.
Foxie wondered, if she made her costume, would she get teased too? Would everyone think she was weird? Well, probably. But she was sure Lesbuni would have her back. Even if the little rabbit disliked something, she always made an exception for girls, and for Foxie!
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