A way-too-big furry story that's sorta naughty and not even about boxing!

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After a few days, Lesbuni and Foxie had both had their first boxer battles, and they went well - the two were happy they could keep competing together in the competition. But today, there was a special announcement!
“Sup guys...” a groggy hamster announced on stage, “How’re you you’re all doing? I’m in stage to say the stage announcing uh, for now...”
“UM. Let me take over, Oxnard. Someone sounds very sleepy.” The audience gave a confused giggle as he was joined by Thanksalot, the flapinko bird.
“You’re are sleepy, no and I’m not...” Oxnard slumped against her leg.
“SO. The original prize at the end of the tournament is an amazing thirty dollars for the winner...” the crowd mildly cheered, “but we’re going to give the winner another prize on top of that!”
The audience was surprised! Everyone wanted to know what it was.
“Tell the it to us and time.” Oxnard continued to misspeak with his eyes closed.
“That’s right Oxnard - we’re going to give the winner a WISH.” Thanksalot raised their flowery witch staff up in the air and sent a showy sparkle of light up to the ceiling. “Now, you may not believe in witches, I mean wishes, or maybe both. But we’ll see about that when the winner of Boxer Beats makes their dream come true!”
“Wait, what?” Oxnard woke up, “That’s the prize thing? You’re gonna grant a wish?” The hamster’s mouth went wide open, “That’s so cool!”
“I would hope,” Thanks nodded, “of course, I’ll only be granting good wishes. Nothing scary or bad, so no one has to worry. But if it seems like a good prize and I can do it, we’ll make it happen!”
Good enough for the crowd! Everyone jumped around excitedly, and all the boxers’ eyes went wide. Foxie looked at Lesbuni in wonder, excited about all the possibilities! Lesbuni raised an eyebrow, not sure she believed it.
“Oh gosh, that would be so cool! I could wish for my outfit, or, gosh, so many things...” Foxie thought to herself.
“Uh, haha. Well, if it’s true...” Lesbuni thought, “Maybe you could wish yourself out of jail. You could wish for your family to come back to life. You could wish for world peace, you could...!” Lesbuni went on and on, realizing how many things could be possible!
“Uh, well wait.” Foxie laughed, “If Thanks could wish for that stuff, couldn’t she do it on her own? Like... why isn’t she doing all that amazing stuff anyway?” Foxie wasn’t sure how believable the wish was now.
“There could be a healthy, unlimited food source for everyone! And more planets to host all the new life, oh, wow!” Now Lesbuni was the one looking at her with big, sparkling eyes, while Foxie was shaking her head in doubt.
Much like everyone else, Foxie had a lot of questions for Thanks, but the birdy disappeared.
Of course, hearing Lesbuni talk about all the great things a wish could do, she realized that there was a lot of amazing potential if it was true. And a fox suit? She could make that on her own with Nishi. She would leave the possible, doable things to herself, making her dreams happen on her own - that way she’d be happy whether she’d win or lose!

Everyone was still talking about wishes the next day, but Foxie was ready to do it on her own! She entered the Creativity Room back in jail, where Nishi was ready with a sewing machine and lots of colorful materials.
“Ready to work on your dream outfit, Foxie?” the orange dino brightly smiled.
“I think so...” she smiled, “I’m kind of nervous!”
“It’ll be okay, it’s just an outfit.” Nishi pulled out a tape measure, “Now let’s start by measuring every inch of your body... so we know what size to make it.”
After getting all her measurements, they planned out their colors and cut out the shapes as they ran each part through the machine. Piece by piece, her outfit was all coming together - Foxie was so excited!
“Whew. I think this is it...” Nishi smiled as he unfurled the costume and held it in front of Foxie. “It took way longer than I thought. The guard watching us fell asleep and the sun’s coming out, but we finished it!”
Foxie and Nishi hugged excitedly before Foxie tried on her new fox suit. Her fur looked white and purple - and with the adjustments in her chest, she fit her character!
“Wow... it’s like, I’m really him!” She wordlessly smiled down at her outfit, and her body, admiring it all.
“You look great whether you’re a guy or girl, Foxie. Hehe.”
“Thanks kiddo!” She tipped her top hat at him with a wink, “Whaddya think the crowd’ll say at Boxer Beats? That I’m a weirdo?”
“Maybe! But how do you feel about it?” Nishi asked her.
“I love it a lot! Can’t get enough of this new fox~” Foxie twirled in a circle and shook her tail with pride, “That aughtta be what counts the most, right?”
Of course! But Foxie wondered what Lesbuni would think...
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Me or My Foxsona?

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