A way-too-big furry story that's sorta naughty and not even about boxing!

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Round 2: Circus Fight

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Round 2: Circus Fight
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Another day dawned on the Boxer Beats competition! Foxie was pretty nervous, she had another match today, and was worried about what her girlfriend was thinking after their last encounter.
“Heyyyyy Foxie...” Lesbuni gave an awkward wave to her, still keeping two open seats for Foxie and her guard. Clearly things felt a little weird, but Lesbuni was still being nice. “Sorry about last night. I was kinda... confused.”
“Oh, that’s okay... hehe, what’s confusing about a fox dressing up as a fox?”
“Well, I’ve never seen it before, not from you. Are you a fruit suiter?”
Foxie shook her head, “No. Uh, I’m a fox suiter... I guess. He’s just a character I made up and pretend to be sometimes. I think it’s harmless...”
He?” Lesbuni didn’t like the sound of that.
“Yeeeah...” Foxie sighed. “It’s just pretend. It’s not like I’m really a guy or want to be one or anything.” But Foxie thought on it a bit... she liked being Anomaly a lot... she didn’t even mind being a guy. It was kind of fun and different!
“I’m sorry to worry about you...” Lesbuni thought, “I’m just worried about you.”
“It’s fine, it’s a performance!” Foxie wanted to start sticking up for herself, “Actually, today I’m gonna bring my performance on stage, in the ring!”
“You’re what!?”

“Laaaaaadies and gentlehams, introducing a brand new boxer!”
The audience cheered in surprise, very curious about the new challenger.
“Hey, that’s not fair!” From the center of the boxing ring, an elephant yelled up at the announcer booth, “You can’t just add new people in the middle of a tournament. The rest of us worked really hard to win.” He had a point.
“We didn’t add anyone new - one of our boxers became someone new!” Oxnard gleamed, the audience now confused. “You may recognize the face of this handsome foxy performer, but everything else should look different. Heeeere’s Anomaly!”
A white fox cartwheeled on stage, raising his hands to the cheering crowd. “Howdy folks!” The top hat-toting, tutu-wearing fancy pants aimed their cane up in the air and sent up an explosion to start things off with a blast. The crowd panicked for their safety, and they loved it!
Anomaly walked on stage and greeted the big elephant with a poke of his tummy, making it jiggle on screen. The self-conscious giant covered his belly with a blush.
“Guess what kind of boxing battle we’re having today?” Anomaly asked out loud.
“What kind? What kind?” the host of the competition asked, quite excited, clueless about his own competition.
“Today, we’re having a circus battle,” Anomaly cheered. Oh boy! The crowd came for a boxing competition, and they got a circus as a bonus.
“I hope there aren’t any clowns,” the host frowned through the microphone.
Anomaly reassured the hamster, “Just me! No big red noses in sight.”
Somewhere off in the distance, Don Badge coughed quietly.
The white faux-furred fox flumped up on top of the elephant, standing on his head with grace. “H-Hey, get off my head! This isn’t fair, I’m not a circus elephant.”
“You are now, tubby. This is Boxer Beats! If you can’t keep up, say goodbye to your butt.” Anomaly’s cane shot out a whip, and he used it to whap the elephant’s tushy, causing him to dance about and rub his stinging rump.
“Hey! ...I could start to like that. But I won’t admit it,” admitted the elephant. “You’re not winning this one.” He tried to reach on top of his head, but his thick, chunky arms kept him from touching the very top.
“You’re coming down RIGHT NOW.” The elephant used his trunk and tried to grab for Anomaly’s ankle in an attempt to pull him down. The graceful performer couldn’t be caught. He then started to shake his head to make the fox fall, but the speakers started to play some circus-themed vaporwave nightcore dubstep music - making it look like the angry elephant was dancing on stage.
“Look at him go!” The audience cheered, enjoying their day at the circus.
Anomaly had been in control the whole match. Mr. Elephant didn’t stand a chance. In one final effort to catch the crazy fox, he folded his arms, “Okay, I lose.”
Anomaly wasn’t sure he believed it. “You lose? You’re giving up?”
The elephant nodded, “Uh huh.” Anomaly was quiet. The elephant didn’t seem completely convincing...
“Okay folks, you heard ‘im. I’m comin’ down.” The elephant could feel little paws on his back as Anomaly crawled down. This was his chance, he slammed himself backwards on the ground to squish Anomaly under him. The crowd gasped!
“Oh my gosh, Anomaly!” Oxnard cried over the microphone, watching the fox disappear behind the giant elephant’s body.
It wasn’t Anomaly making that noise... it was the elephant!
Depending on where you were sitting made all the difference - Oxnard saw the elephant from the front as he fell backwards - but the people behind the elephant watched the truth poke up right between his cheeks. Anomaly didn’t get squished at all - he used his paws to pat along his back and slid his cane underneath the large mammal. He sat right on top of it as Anomaly rolled off behind him to safety.
“You can keep the cane, elephant man, I don’t wanna touch that one anymore.” The spry fox hopped on his big gray belly, and started counting. “A one, a two, a one-two-three!”
As Anomaly counted his victory, he pulled up a new cane from out of nowhere and raised it to the ceiling - confetti exploded out from the top, followed by tiny white doves flying out in the air! How the heck did they manage all this?
The cameras zoomed in on Anomaly, his chest beating and bouncing with each breath, the fox had put a lot of energy into his performance, and was looking out to the crowd in victory.
“You did it! Great job Anomaly, you made it to another round. We’re getting closer to the end. Hoo baby, what a performance.” The hamster announcer praised the fox over the microphone, “Thanks for the fun trip to the circus, I sure enjoyed it. How about all of you?”
The crowd went nuts, clapping, screaming, a few bras were thrown on stage. Anomaly blushed, “Thank you, thank you all! See you again, yes yes?” The fox pranced on back to the entrance, waving happily to everyone.
Reality set in, Anomaly saw the prison guard waiting for Foxie... and suddenly, he felt like her again. A mental shift, a shift in gender, a shift in personal lives. One moment, this fox was a charming performer getting bras thrown at him from ladies he’d never met - and now she was just a girl playing pretend, going from the stage back to jail. An extreme high to an extreme low.
The high felt amazing, but Foxie wasn’t sure if the depression to follow would be worth it.
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