A way-too-big furry story that's sorta naughty and not even about boxing!

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The Fan Artist

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The Fan Artist
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Foxie was back in jail. She missed the stage, the fight, her costume, and the crowd. She kept playing the memories in her head, happy with how well it all went, and already figuring out how to make it better next time.
“GO ON,” a hush whisper hissed from the hallways.
“No. Don cannot.”
Suddenly, Don Badge was shoved into the lunch room. Foxie looked over and their eyes met. The badger seemed rather shy, and was looking in Foxie’s direction from the ground. She gave a weak smile and waved to him, which filled him with joy. The little badger stood up and walked towards her with a grin. Oh no.
“F... Fawwww...” Don tried to talk. “Foxie.”
Foxie pointed to herself, “Me? Uh, hello.”
Don nodded, and handed her a crumpled ball of paper.
“Oh, um, thank you...” Foxie looked at it, “You did a good job crumpling this up.”
Don gasped, “N-no. Ah...” he pointed up at it, “Open... up.”
Foxie crossed her legs and laughed, “It takes a lot more than paper balls to make that happen, little guy.”
This wasn’t going well for Don. “Don drew. An art. F-for you.”
Foxie looked at the paper and opened it up, feeling kind of stupid. But the stupidity melted away as she saw a scribbly drawing of Anomaly on stage. She looked at Don, and back at the drawing. She wasn’t the only one thinking about her performance?
“Don is... A big fan. Of you.”
“Wait a minute... I recognize this art style.” Foxie’s eyes shimmered, “You... you’ve drawn art for me before, haven’t you?” She received a lot of unsigned fan art in jail, and couldn’t always tell who was drawing it.
Don shyly kicked his leg at the ground, looking down with a blush. “Yes...”
Foxie scooped Don up and sat him in her lap - he was about half her size, despite being much older. “Your work is lovely, Don. Whenever I see it, it makes me happy.” She pat his back, admiring his drawing, “But...”
But? Oh no. Don was ready for rejection. What did he mess up? Did he make her look bad? Did she hate it? Panic!
Foxie asked her guard for a pen, and put it in Don’s nub of a paw, “But... you should sign your artwork, so I know who did it.” The sweet fox smiled, “You don’t want your work to become famous without people knowing you made it. Right?”
Don blushed, shyly signing it for her. “Don does not. Need credit.” He looked up into her eyes, “If art makes. Foxie lady smile. Don will make. Worlds of art.”
Foxie was touched, this badger seemed so pure! He just wanted to make her happy. But, there was something creepy about him, something missing. However, when all was said and done...
“I’m really glad to have a fan like you, Don.”

Foxie’s day in jail was already good after meeting Don, but now she had someone visiting. Her girlfriend! Foxie was excited they could talk even more now.
“Hey,” Lesbuni greeted her bluntly.
“Oh Lesbuni! Hehe, I’m so happy to see you!” Foxie was on top of the world.
“That’s... cool. I’m glad to see you too,” the rabbit half-smiled.
“Performing was so fun, and I have a new fan! Do you think I did okay?”
Lesbuni was a little quiet. “Yeah, you did okay.”
Foxie could tell something was off, “What’s wrong?”
Lesbuni tapped her chin, she wanted to be careful about how she worded this. “I don’t think... I like you pretending to be a guy.”
Foxie felt confused. Anomaly was a guy, but that wasn’t really a big part of it.
“I’m sorry. I just have a bad feeling about it...” her bunny ears flopped down. “I like you as my girlfriend... I don’t want a boyfriend.”
“I’m not really a boy though... it’s just a character.” Foxie frowned. Though, she got really into character as Anomaly, she felt like someone totally different. “They could be a boy or a girl, it doesn’t matter. Do I make a big deal about his gender when I’m playing as him?”
Foxie had a point! Lesbuni tried to see it her way, “I guess not...” she brushed her ears back behind her head, “Maybe I’m focusing too much on the guy part. Sorry.”
“Well, I kind of do enjoy being a guy, you’re not completely wrong... I’m not going to make you date me as a guy though. I know you only like girls.” Foxie knew her lady well.
“Haha, I was worried about that. Good to know.” Lesbuni smiled, relieved.
The two talked a bit more before parting ways. Foxie felt like she was on a roller coaster with all the ups and downs lately - the fun performance, her dreams coming true, her new fans... those were all amazing highs. But Lesbuni’s worries, Foxie’s reality in jail - it was hard to feel stable when your feelings were all over the place.
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