A way-too-big furry story that's sorta naughty and not even about boxing!

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Round 5

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Round 5
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“Onto the next fight!” Oxnard announced, ready to get things moving before anyone questioned Fuxie’s livelihood too deeply.
“Thish nexsht boxsher ish sho cute, I wanna hug him to bitsh.” Bushy sighed.
“Bitsh please.”
“Ready ish an adorable panda pilot, who... didn’t want to tell ush very much about who he ish...” Bushy frowned while reading through the lack of information she had on him.
“Great.” Oxnard huffed. The lights all pointed towards the entrance and darkened the room. “Everyone put your paws together fooooor Ready Pandaaaaa~!” The crowd cheered in excitement for whoever that was. After about ten seconds, and no panda in sight, the applause died down awkward and slow.
“Uh, ha ha. He... sure isn’t ready.” Oxnard struggled for words.
Out walked a simple panda with a black belt tied around its waist. The crowd cheered again. “There he is!”
“NO NO NO. That’s not him. That’s Pandemic. He’s also a panda bear.” Oxnard huffed. “But sure, fine, whatever. Everybody cheer for Pandemic. At least one of them showed up on time.”
Shortly after, a red-colored panda walked out of the entrance, looking confused.
“Oh, THERE he is.” The cameras zoomed in on Ready and his guilty face.
“What?? This is the time you told me to come in!” Ready held up a folded up piece of paper.
“Nooo it’s not...” Oxnard giggled through the microphone, nudging Bushy Beaver, who had been quietly holding in her laughter. She was holding up his time sheet, where they made a special note to give him the wrong time so that he’d be late to the fight. “Just get on stage, Late-y Panda.”
“Did you just call me a lady!?” Ready whined up at the video screen. The audience laughed - LADY PANDA.
Oxnard was offended - he made Ready late ON PURPOSE and nobody was laughing at his joke about it. But Ready misheard his joke and made a funnier comment that everyone loved!? He was not happy.
The referee started counting, “Three, two, o-”
“Just go, who cares,” Oxnard interrupted. The ref looked mad - he was finally going to get the countdown right! All he wanted in his heart was to show people he could count from three to two to whatever. A strange tension was building between referee Aro Usal and Oxnard.
Anyway! Panda on panda action. The ninja-looking panda was giving a long-winded speech to the red panda, who didn’t seem at all interested. A lot of times in movies or games people talk and taaalk before an actual fight, and it’s like - if you’re really enemies, you could just attack them while they’re talking. Chances are, what they’re saying doesn’t really matter to anything but the plot. So, Ready attacked Pandemic mid-speech. One huge hit to the stomach, and Pandemic was down.
“Okay, looks like he’s down, show’s over. Everyone get out,” Oxnard dully announced, still annoyed with Ready Panda.
“I guessh that wash the final match of the night, folksh! Congratulatshionsh Ready.” Bushy brightened up on the mic.
“I don’t undershtand your accshent,” Ready mimicked Bushy’s voice. “Couldsh yoush shpeak a littlesh loudersh?” He barely matched how she sounded.
Bushy looked down, feeling sad her voice was made fun of. She already felt bad about her accent, and didn’t think she sounded good. “Sh-shorry...”
Everyone started to get up and leave, kinda awkwardly. They didn’t end the day on as good a note as it started. Even Oxnard left the announcer booth. Bushy picked up her mic one more time to help boost things a bit, “Thank you for coming to the firsht day of Boxsher Beatsh! You’re uh, you’re all amazing, and I hope you come again real shoon...” She turned off her mic, and headed out for the day.
Ready didn’t even notice her feelings were hurt - especially not since Team Dino Pubes was chattin’ him up. Nishi, the orange dino butt cheered, “Hey there, buddy! Congratulations on the fight.”
The red panda didn’t make eye contact and quickly blabbed, “Thanks.”
“So, did you win?” Nishi tilted his head curiously.
“Uh, isn’t that... what you were congratulating me on?” Ready frowned and looked at him, confused.
“Actually, we had an important question!” Fuxie, the cranky brown fox yelled, “Do you like faceball, punk?” She threw a toy ball at the panda’s head - which bounced right off of the pilot helmet he was wearing.
“Hey! What the heck, don’t drop balls in my face. I get that enough from my dad.” Ready pat on his helmet - the ball didn’t hurt, but he realized, “Oh, you think I’m a faceball player because I’m wearing a helmet? Well I’m not.” Ready turned around, “So don’t do that.”
He started to walk off, but bounced right into a big yellow-green gator belly! It was smooth and soft - quite attractive, even if you aren’t into that kind of thing.
“Heh heh! Careful, thcamp. Wouldn’t want ya gettin’ hurt!” The cheerful gator smiled with his over-sized tongue wobbling out of his mouth.
“Gross, can you keep that thing to yourself?” Ready looked away in disgust after seeing Gaydar’s dripping saliva in intimate detail.
“I’m all fer tharing it if thomeone wantth it~” The green gator grinned, and smiled towards Nishi and Fuxie.
“Hey, there you all are!” Lesbuni, the little teal bunny from before hopped on up to the group. “Kinda hard to hang out between the fights, but I’m glad to see you all again.” She looked at Ready Panda, “Uh, except you, I don’t know you. But hi.” She held out her paw, and Ready cautiously shook it.
A small group of friends was forming - and for once, there wasn’t any drama hap-
“It’s me. Foxie,” said Foxie, because who else would say that except for her. Unlike Fuxie, Foxie was younger, more feminine, and felt less important.
“Get a better name, Foxie,” grunted Fuxie.
“Get a better smell, Fuxie,” Foxie huffed.
There was the friendship drama we almost avoided! Fuxie and Foxie had a history together, but who cares about that.
Nishi happily waved to Foxie, “I’m really happy to see you again! But uh, I’m happy to see you too, Fuxie. And Lesbuni. And... new friends, Ready and Gaydar... I’m happy to see everyone, all of us!”
Lesbuni took Foxie’s hand and started to walk away. “Um, thanks for that. We’ll see you guys later. Foxie and I should probably go shower again.”
“Come on, Gaydar.” Foxie took Gaydar’s gloved claw and stomped off - the three of them split from the group.
“Aww, thuckth, ladieth. I kinda wanted to hang out with-” the gator frowned for a bit as he was dragged away.
Ready analyzed this small group of boxers. Clearly, Fuxie and Foxie did not get along. The reptiles, Nishi and Gaydar, were easily controlled by both foxes. Lesbuni and Foxie had some kind of close attachment to each other. The better he knows his opponents, the easier it’ll be to destroy them in the ring.
While Ready was lost in thought, Fuxie and Nishi headed out for the night.
“That panda sure doesn’t say much...” Nishi whispered, “he probably won’t even try to get to know us.”
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