A way-too-big furry story that's sorta naughty and not even about boxing!

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Round 6

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Round 6
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Round 6
“Welcome to another day at Boxer Beats!” announced the announcer Oxnard.
“What he shaid,” followed a less enthusiastic announcer.
“Bushy if you do not liven up, our first fight today will be me, kicking your butt.”
“No chancshe of that today! Or ever. Our firsht fight today ish a trampoline match. We’re gonna shee shome very bouncshy animalsh if you know what I mean.”
“I certainly do NOT,” grinned Oxnard as he pulled out a pair of binoculars to get a close look at the action.
Up on stage, the hummingbird referee was helping the first fighter onto the trampoline. It was the goat officer from earlier that offered to shoot the spider! The referee wanted to make sure she would be safe bouncing around - he seemed to be extra concerned with this boxer in particular...
The other boxer was completely ignored! He was a deer-antelope, and had a tough time climbing onto the trampoline ring because he wore a long robe that went down to his ankles. It was hard to spread those sweet, skinny legs and climb up!
“A l-little help, here?”
The goat woman tried to point out the helpless deer, but the ref was blabbing on and on about safety measurements. And speaking of measurements, this goat MILF was heavy-set upstairs, so everyone in the stadium was excited to see her jump around on the trampoline.
“I’ll help ya out, little fella~” It was Gaydar to the rescue! He slid out of his front row seat, pushed his long nose under the deer’s robe, and boosted him right up onto the ring! The invasion of the deer’s personal space wasn’t quite minded - he finally got up to where he needed to be.
“Erm, th-thanks... good sir,” mumbled the nervous male, pulling down the back of his robe.
“Alrighty! Looks like we’re set - this is going to be a trampoline-based boxing match between Goatella the MILF, and Marcus the religious fur! Whether you try fighting your opponent, or double-bouncing them out of the ring, make sure to give us a good show first.” Oxnard got back to his binoculars while the fighters started bouncing. The ref began to count.
“Three... two... o-” but he was immediately bounced out of the trampoline ring before he could finish counting. So much for his safety speech.
Oxnard yelled over the speakers, “Gosh dang it Aro, do we have to announce everything ourselves? Go, go, go!”
Goatella and Marcus began to jump around, getting the hang of the trampoline. The cameras made sure to get a good view of how Marcus’s robe would fly up to his knees before teasingly falling down again. It also made sure to switch the view to Goatella, who was having a hard time seeing where she would land since her bouncing chest obstructed her view. The audience was strangely silent, and any scent of arousal in the stadium was purely your own imagination.
“I would not feel good about hitting you, so I am just going to try bouncing you out,” Marcus exclaimed. As a furry that read up on religion constantly, he’d feel guilty hurting anyone. But, why would he enter a boxing competition if he couldn’t hurt anyone? And more importantly, was he wearing anything under his robe? More and more of his tan legs were showing, it really put everyone on edge!
“I agree, let’s focus on bouncing.” The goat mother nodded as her clothed breasts swayed up and down inside her shirt. She also knew that exposing the dangers of trampolines would scare her child away from ever wanting to use one, and this extreme mother cared more about the safety of her child than anything else.
Unfortunately, her goat kid was in the audience, trying not to watch his mother’s performance. “I’m never going to be able to play on a trampoline again...” he sighed, surrounded by horny oogling animals that were obviously eyeing his mother’s bouncy body. “She completely ruined trampolines for me, just like she wanted.”
“Man, I’d bounce on her trampoline any day!”
“That religious deer makes me wanna start going to church...”
“I wouldn’t mind grabbing both of them by their horns and-”
The teen goat, Sotelo, couldn’t take it anymore. He hopped out of his seat and ran off to the bathrooms to get away from all the perversion. Unfortunately, once he got there, there was a huge line.
“Hey buddy, you’ll have to wait just like the rest of us. We all saw the goat MILF, and we’re all on edge right now. Keep it in your pants.” Stated one of the many males in line.
Sotelo grew nauseous and ran far away from the bathrooms, but his disappearance made his mother concerned. She looked out into the audience and noticed he was gone! She focused in on Marcus’s bouncing, trying not to get distracted by how high up his robe was going. Goatella finally landed a double bounce on him, sending the deer-antelope flying!
And, as he flew up into the air, so did his robe, exposing all his goodies underneath. The cameras, and their multiple angles caught every little fuzzy detail concerning the lack of underwear Marcus had under his robe. The defeated deer fell on his butt, and laid out on his back as the dizzying bounces caught up to him. His legs were spread just a few inches apart - which was plenty of space to see all the information you’d desire. Or not desire.
“Woooo! We have a winner!” Oxnard cheered.
Goatella immediately bounced herself out of the ring and went to go find her son. The referee clapped and cheered, oddly proud of someone else’s victory.
“Sotelo! There you are,” the concerned goat mama sighed as she approached her son. “Everything okay? I hope the trampoline wasn’t too scary for you.”
Sotelo, covering his eyes with his long, floppy, white goat ears, managed to reply. “It was worse than I imagined, like all my fears came out as once.” The little guy felt sick to his stomach, just not for the reasons his mother imagined.
Goatella hugged him close, nuzzling his forehead. She totally babied him even as an almost-adult. “Oh, sweetie. You really care about your mommy, don’t you?”
“Not as much as everyone else here...” Sotelo coughed, not wanting to have to explain the gross situation. Goatella looked to the nearest monitor, seeing all the fans going crazy, cheering for her. It made her really happy!
“Aww, sweetie. It’s okay. They might really like me, but I’ll always like you the most.” She kissed his cheek - the teenage goat always got embarrassed about how affectionate his mother was. “And I’m sure they’ll like you too, when you fight. If you still want to...”
Sotelo stood up and walked with Goatella back to the boxing ring so she could get a proper congratulations. “Oh, I want to fight, alright. I could really punch someone right now...”
If only he knew who had thought of the trampoline match! It was none other than Marcus himself - the exposed deer passed out on the floor. But perhaps it wasn’t so everyone could watch Goatella. Maybe Marcus wanted to bounce around on TV and expose himself for his own perverted desires, and Goatella was caught in the crossfire. They eventually covered him up and shooed him out of the area.
“Oxshnard, aren’t we going to get in trouble if naughty shtuff showsh up on everyone’sh TVsh at home?” Bushy asked the tournament host.
“Oh, are there rules about that?” Oxnard was caught off-guard. “Well, if it’s not fine, we’ll get a fine. Know what I mean?”
“We already got a fine, and you’re lookin’ right at her.” Bushy puffed out her chest and winked towards the camera.
Oxnard looked over at Bushy’s flat chest. His own moobs were bigger than hers. But the cameras had already seen someone with a much bigger bust size. “Goatella sure is a hard act to follow.”
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